Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has apologized for his snooping employees, and has paid cash to 37 people who were hacked through email and phone, by Murdoch’s naughty employees at Newsgroup Newspapers (The Sun, News of the World).

Associated Press says, “Jude Law, Ashley Cole, John Prescott and Chris Shipman were among three dozen victims who received financial damages from Murdoch’s British newspaper company for illegal eavesdropping and other intrusions, including email snooping.”


Jude Law was 1 of 60 people who sued Murdoch, and his settlement today was ‘only’ 130,000 pounds (about $200,000) for defamation and illegal hacking.

Can that amount of money really satisfy someone who is a millionaire? Can that money take back the damage that Murdoch’s team caused?

Hey, I guess I’d enjoy a cash payout, why not!