FL Woman ‘LiShell Jacobs’ ARRESTED – DID Intentionally Run Over ‘Ericka Edwards’

LiShell Jacobs has been arrested and charged with intentionally hitting her girlfriend with her car. The Palm Beach County woman originally told police that Ericka Edwards had herself exited a moving vehicle driven by Jacobs.

Earlier this week, state troopers were observed towing away Jacobs’ car from the accident site. Troopers said Jacobs’ car was found with dents and blood splatters.

The victim’s sister said Edwards is fighting for her life at Delray Beach Medical Center. She claims that her sister got out of Jacobs’ car and Jacobs intentionally ran over her sister at the southbound exit ramp of Gateway Blvd on I-95. Continue reading

NFL Star Will Smith DEAD In Road Rage Incident

Former Saints star defensive end, Will Smith, was shot to death in New Orleans following what is being described as a road rage accident in the Lower Garden District on Saturday night.

The coroner’s office confirmed, Smith, 34, was shot after an heated argument with, Cardell Hayes, 28, the driver of a Hummer H2 that rear-ended his Mercedes G63 SUV, causing him to strike another vehicle, police said.

cardell hayes will smith mugshot road rage new orleans dead

Smith was shot multiple times and his wife, Racquel, also 34, was shot twice in the right leg, according to police. Continue reading

Pro Surfer Charged ATTEMPTED MURDER After Savagely Beating Woman 73

Jill Hansen, a professional female surfer remains in custody after being charged with the attempted murder of an elderly woman. Her motive is unknown, however cops say carjacking and or home invasion is likely.

Jill Hansen Elizabeth Conklin 2

According to police, Hansen, 30, approached Elizabeth Conklin, 73, as she sat in her car and began beating her.

Continue reading

Man With Road Rage Gets Dose of Instant Karma

Imagine: you’re being tailgated and finally the offending vehicle passes you, flipping the bird as they sail by as if you were the one doing something wrong. You take a deep breath, exhale slowly and try to take comfort in thinking that someday justice will be served.road-rage

That’s probably what a Florida driver thought, except this driver got to see “instant karma” happen right before her eyes — and she caught it on camera. Continue reading