Hunters Stunned After Finding Wild Pig Has Neon Blue Innards

Northern California hunters who shot a wild pig were shocked to find the animal’s meat surrounded by bright blue fat.

A user on social media posted strange image of the freakish discovery while at their in-laws’ Morgan Hill, CA., ranch.

wild pig blue fat

The couple cut open the pig, drained most of the blood and were startled to see fluorescent blue fat peeking out of the incision.  Continue reading

Teens Hack Parents Phone Changing NO To HELL YES

Do these teens have the coolest parents ever? No so fast party boy.

According to a recent post on Reddit, these kids successfully managed to hack their parents’ phones to type “HELL YES” when they actually had typed “NO.”

hack partents cellphone hell yes no

In a screenshot of a group conversation, the creative kid asks: ‘Hey guys can I throw a party tmrw night. [sic]’ From there, hilarity and confusion ensues Continue reading

COSTCO Dragon 666 Cake Story a HOAX?

The story, posted by the Inquisitr, reported that Costco pulled from stores a decorated cake of a dragon with feet in the shape of “666,” over a customer’s complaint.

The story claimed a Christian Arizona mother had complained to the big-box store that the cake’s design looked demonic, but the story proved a hoax perpetrated by a pair freelance writers.

John Albrecht  Jessica Eckerdt costco cake 3

The story, originally posted by, was then relayed by multiple news sources. Continue reading

iPhone Glitch Allows Anyone To Power Off Unit With Text Message

Can you really shut off anyones iPhone by sending them a simple text message? You bet you can..

Copy and paste the following message (without quotes) into a new iMessage and send it to whoever you feel like annoying! But remember, it may or not be completely be legal and it could be dangerous!




لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ


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UNEARTHED: A 1990s Dancing Jason Statham Will Make You Laugh

Talk about cheesy! Jason Statham appearing in “Comin’ On,” a 1990s music video by The Shamen.

The unearthed Scottish psychedelic electronic dance music video features a fit Statham dancing in a leopard-print number while well oiled up.

Jason Statham shamen video 4

The crazy music video was one of the action star’s first professional gigs.

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Anna Kendrick Latest Victim Of Celebrity Photo Leak

Anna Kendrick is the latest victim of the huge celeb photo leak which has also targeted the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, to name but a few.

Sadly, some of the leaked photos depict drug use.. Reddit and 4Chan tried to delete most of the images but once that genie leaves the bottle, she’s down and out.

Premiere Of Focus Features' "ParaNorman" - Arrivals

Many more photos and videos were released in the last 48 hours as the hacker(s) responsible continue their onslaught on Hollywood’s elite. Photos of Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick made their way to reddit and 4Chan late Friday night and Saturday. The photos are not as scandalous as previous leaks, though, it’s still a gross invasion of privacy. Model Cara Delevingne was also victimized in the latest wave. source

Kendrick was a sort of self fulfilling prophecy, joking about the celeb leaks earlier this month.

anna-kendrick 4chan reddit

Robin Williams Tribute Gets Awesome Tattoo Treatment

“It was a run by fruiting” was one of our favorite lines from Mrs. Doubtfire, and now that scene has been immortalized by Reddit user djwiseiv in the form of an awesome tribute tattoo.

If you need a reminder, (see video clip below,) it is the scene Robin Williams throws the lime at Pierce Brosnan’s character at the pool.

Mrs. Doubtfire tattoo

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