NO POWERBALL WINNERS! Jackpot Swells To $700M

The already chart-topping Powerball jackpot has just surpassed a staggering $700 million after no one picked the correct numbers.

Lottery officials announced that there were no winners for Wednesday’s drawing, making Saturday’s upcoming jackpot the largest in lotto history.


According to Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery and chair of the Powerball game group, the top prize tops any previous U.S. jackpot.  Continue reading

5 Facts You Need To Know Before You Play For The Ginormous Powerball Jackpot


The $450 million jackpot would be the sixth-largest ever in North America. It’s been growing since the last Powerball jackpot winner on Nov. 4 and will keep climbing if no one wins the big prize on Wednesday. If there isn’t a jackpot winner, the prize for Saturday’s drawing would be significantly larger, but it would still take some time to grow beyond the record. That was a $656 million Mega Millions jackpot won in March 2012. The largest Powerball prize was a $590.5 million jackpot won by a Florida woman in May 2013.



The prize would have a cash option of $275.4 million, and that’s before taxes are deducted. The $450 million prize is based on an annuity, which would pay out the money over 29 years. Continue reading

BY REQUEST: HUGE Line Waiting For Lottery Tickets Meme

As always, taking requests for story ideas and anything interesting you guys find out there that’s not yet represented on This lottery meme basically depicts a ton of folks with a ton of high hopes for something they have very little chance at succeeding. I presume the metaphor is to make money off these people in line, rather than playing the lottery to win in life… In a way it makes a lot of sense! Thanks for this request!

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Store Clerk Screws Up Lotto Ticket Wins $250k

A store clerk at Wolfe’s Huff and Puff Mini-Mart, New Lexington, Ohio, punched in the Lotto numbers for a customer, however, she made a mistake, the customer wanted a “kicker” number, an extra number that multiplies winning if it is selected along with the other numbers and clerk Naomi Mauller forgot to enter the Kicker.

Mauller reprinted the ticket with the correct numbers and she bought the ticket she messed up on as per lotto rules, tickets can not be changed once printed.

Now get this, BOTH tickets were winners! The customer’s ticket hit minus the Kicker number for a cool $250,000 and since Mauller had bought the ticket with the same numbers, she also won $250,000!

“I was shocked,” Mauller said. “Just plain shocked, and happy.”