Woman Who Thinks 9/11 Was STAGED To Rejoin THE VIEW

Rosie O’Donnell, the woman who has stated publicly on numerous occasions that it is her belief that the Twin Towers, and mainly building 7, were brought down in a controlled demolition, is set to joins network TV’s The View.

O’Donnell is rumored to be returning to the show after being away for seven years.

TV Host Rosie O'Donnell Good Friday's boat ride with friend

Former The View pannelist, Elisabeth Hasselbeck had some choice words on O’Donnell’s comeback,

“Here in comes to ‘The View’ the very woman who spit in the face of our military,” Hasselbeck charged, “spit in the face of her own network, Continue reading

Rosie O’Donnell Bank Account Delivers New Baby

Though Rosie O’Donnell appears to have just given birth in this photograph, she was actually just handed a new baby via adoption, proving once again, money can buy you love. If you don’t believe me, take one look at Rosie’s face and then take a look at her wife’s face, case closed…


O’Donnell named the new trust fund Dakota, who joins other trust funds, Parker, 17, Chelsea, 15, Blake 13, and Vivienne, 10.

“We [are] thrilled to announce the arrival of daughter Dakota,” O’Donnell wrote alongside an Instagram shot of the happy couple and the baby.

Did I already mentioned that O’Donnell did not give birth in this photograph?