Man Storms Nicolas Cage Movie Set Begs Actor To Help Find Daughter

A stepfather, on a desperate search for his missing daughter, stormed a closed movie set to enlist the help of Nicolas Cage. His plan worked.

Cage was on-set shooting “Dog Eat Dog” near Cleveland on Wednesday when worried stepdad, Britt Ramsey, approached him begging for help locating his 15-year-old stepdaughter, Alexis Boroviak. Cool Cage obliged.

Nicolas Cage Britt Ramsey Alexis Boroviak

Alexis disappeared 11 days ago, and Britt asked Nicolas to take a pic with her “missing” poster … knowing it would shine a spotlight on her case. Continue reading

IRS TO NICOLAS CAGE: ‘We Need Another $6 MIL’

Is it my imagination or is Nicolas Cage starting to look more like his own wax figure then he does himself? Well he might want to transform himself into an inanimate object after learning the IRS is after him for another $6 million, that’s right, he’s already paid $6 million in back taxes and now Uncle Sam wants more, much more.

The good news for Cage is, he still makes a lot of money, not only is he getting points and residuals from several franchise movies, but he’s also making more of those movies in the form of sequels, in fact at least 12 new films are in the works, according to IMDb.

Kick-Ass 2 and National Treasure 3 are among the flicks slated to be released in 2013-2014.

Nic Cage Auctioning Off Hot Comic Book Worth a Million Dollars

actioncomic1 124x200 Nic Cage Auctioning Off Hot Comic Book Worth a Million DollarsActor Nicolas Cage, has put his “Action Comics-1938 #1″ comic book up for public auction, but not just anyone in the public will be able to have a chance at scoring it.

Cage’s rare and expensive comic book was actually stolen from him back in 2000, and recovered in Spring of 2011. The “2011 Overstreet VF/NM Guide Value” has set this book’s worth at $1,050,000. That means that his is the highest graded copy in the CGC census.

The highest bid it currently has on is $1,306,000.00. Bidding ends on 11/30/11.

Nicolas Cage Acting Career Looking Up Again!

nicholas cage Nicolas Cage Acting Career Looking Up Again!

Nicolas Cage wasn’t in the best place financially earlier this year. Some of his houses and cars were repossessed from him, he owed the IRS millions, he was sued for millions and he wasn’t getting work either. Now, he’s making his big comeback in Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which is in theaters right now.

Cage was also just confirmed to star in the Ghost Rider sequel, which is rumored to be titled Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance. That’s not all the movies he’s set to be in. He’s got 1 movie in completion, 3 movies in post-production, 2 in pre-production and 2 more that are in the works still.

His career is looking up again! Way to go Nic!