Generous Homeless Man Viral Video STAGED

An eyewitness to a mega-viral video that helped raise over $130,000 for a generous homeless man is now revealing it was all a scam.

The homeless man’s brother has come forward saying that his penniless brother is set to inherit $150,000 from their parents’ estate.

Josh-Paler-Lin-Viral-Homeless-Video-Fake 6

The heart-warming “social experiment” made the creator a mint on the web, but now major doubt is setting in. Continue reading

Beatles Song in Mad Men Cost An Arm and a Leg

I just got done watching Sunday night’s “Mad Men” ep. #8 ‘Lady Lazarus’ today at lunch, and I could see the ending coming before it happened, which isn’t typical because it’s not a predictable show in my opinion.

I loved the episode, but a bigger question I had at the ending of the show, over-rode and trumped everything I just watched- all because of the audio that Mad Men’s producers decided to use in the ending. I was thinking: ‘How much money did the producers pay for that track!?’

After watching the ending where band “The Beatles” are involved, I could just smell the money that had to be paid to ‘use’ them. *Spoiler Alert* from here on out guys! Continue reading

Courtney Love Trades Daughter Kurt’s ‘Name Rights’ for Loan Out of Daughter’s Trust Fund!

Vintage Kurt, Frances, Courtney

Frances Bean Cobain, only daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and still barely living Courtney Love’s, has taken over control of the publicity rights of Father Kurt’s name, likeness and appearance.

Mother Love had the rights, until she asked for a $2.75 million loan from Frances’ trust fund (Kurt’s money) in 2010, temporarily trading Kurt’s name for the cash. Love is supposed to get the rights back from Frances, but only when she pays back the loan. Continue reading

Girl Sues KFC for Poisoning and Paralyzation – Wins $8 Million!

An Australian girl named Monika Samaan, ate a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Chicken Twister Wrap in 2005 when she was 7 years old, and became seriously ill with salmonella poisoning.
Samaan, who once said she ‘wanted to be a Doctor when she grew up’, will never walk again, as she is bound to a wheelchair forever- all because of the Chicken Twister. Samaan and her family claim that the Chicken Twister was the reason that Samaan suddenly became paralyzed. Samaan was first vomiting and had diarrhea after eating the Twister, then she went to the hospital and went into a coma for six months, which gave her severe brain damage. Continue reading

Guy Wires $200K to Fake Internet Girlfriend

Net gf

Naperville, Illinois policemen told the Chicago Sun-Times that on Wednesday, a 48-year-old man called the police station and claimed his ‘girlfriend’, who he’s been with in a 2 1/2-year online relationship, had been kidnapped in London, England.

The man told the police he had wired $200,000 to the woman during the relationship to different bank accounts in Nigeria, Malaysia, England and the United States.

Investigators said the ID card the woman showed the man via Internet, was a sample driver’s license from Florida, and they had to break it to the guy that his Internet girlfriend was fake. They said the poor man “was in disbelief” when they told him the woman was not real, police said.
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Supermodel Doutzen Kroes Makes Big Bucks!

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes has made No. 5 on Forbes ‘Highest Payed Models List’.

Doutzen is a spokesmodel for L’Oreal and Calvin Klein Eternity. Although she is a “model”, she doesn’t fit the typical mold of what most models do to get their look…

At 25, she has curves that have kept her off a lot of high fashion runways. As we’ve all seen, 99% of runway models look starved and dead! Not Doutzen-she keeps it real.

Her shape has served her well when it comes to modeling for Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret models look healthy, fit and curvaceous. In the lead up to the big Victoria’s Secret runway show, Doutzen says she temporarily gives up the bread, cheese and chocolate that she loves. But she still eats, unlike other models!

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Another Broke Photographer Selling Out His Model: Vanessa Williams Young Photos for Sale on eBay

Congrats Vanessa Williams! You made it on the “I’m a broke photographer and I’m selling out my model’s pics” golden list! You will be on the golden list along with superstars Marilyn Monroe and Madonna!

Vanessa took some pictures when she was 20, and they surfaced when she won the Miss America title. She then lost her crown.

These old images have been put on eBay for a starting bid of $20,000. But it’s not the actual prints being sold this time, the ‘negatives’ are!

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Happy Birthday Mary Kate and Ashley!



Happy  23rd birthday Olsen twins! Thank you for bringing us the joys of “Michelle Tanner”, the guest spot on “Weeds”, and the 2004 movie “New York Minute”. Cheers to the most progressive, stylish, and filthy rich set of twins on planet Earth. I have only one question: Will Jesse and the Rippers be playing your birthday party?

Tori Spelling Blamed by Mother for Father’s Death

Candy and Tori

Candy and Tori

Candy Spelling, who is Tori Spelling’s Mother, and widowed wife of TV legend Aaron Spelling, said some awful stuff about Tori on a Massachusetts radio show yesterday. Since Aaron’s death in 2006, Candy has been battling their daughter Tori over various differences that are obviously not solved. Over the last few years since Aaron’s death, Candy has really stuck the knife in the table by badmouthing Tori for everything from Aaron’s decision to give Tori a smaller inheritance, to Tori’s decision to ‘not let Candy meet her own grandchildren’. Well, this time Candy pulled the knife out of the table, and now, she’s stuck the knife in her own daughter’s heart.

Candy Spelling told the Kellogg Crew on 94.7 WMAS in Massachusetts that her daughter’s estrangement from her parents “killed my husband. He just didn’t want to live after that.”

She added, “He’d done everything he could possibly do for his daughter and then she wanted no part of him once he couldn’t do anything for her.”