Vintage Kurt, Frances, Courtney

Frances Bean Cobain, only daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and still barely living Courtney Love’s, has taken over control of the publicity rights of Father Kurt’s name, likeness and appearance.

Mother Love had the rights, until she asked for a $2.75 million loan from Frances’ trust fund (Kurt’s money) in 2010, temporarily trading Kurt’s name for the cash. Love is supposed to get the rights back from Frances, but only when she pays back the loan.It was a great deal in the end, as Frances probably knew that her messy Mother wouldn’t be able the pay back the loan, and Frances would be in control of her Father’s name.Love lost guardianship of Frances back in 2009, and Frances had to live with her Grandmother. Frances, who is now 19, has started making decisions on her own over a year ago, when she turned 18 and became an ‘adult’.