New ‘Weave Loan Store’ Offers Loans For Artificial Hair

Forget payday loans to pay delinquent utility bills or car payments, now you can get the rapid cash style loans to purchase your next weave!

A new Detroit business promises loans for those lacking the dough to lock in their new locks..

Weave Loan Store

The “Weave Loan Store” on W. 8 Mile Road in Detroit will be open for business June 13.  Continue reading

Who Is Tamsin Wade? And How Did Plastic Surgery Make Her A Better Mum?

Tamsin Wade is the Suffolk, U.K. woman who says she had her breasts supersized because her before size, an uneven 32AA, got in the way of raising her two-year-old son.

But now that she has a boobjob, she’s basically feels like mother of the year..

Tamsin Wade

“Since having my boob job I have been so happy,” 19-year-old Tamsin Wade told the Daily Mail, “I was unable to go swimming with Finley as I felt so self-conscious. Continue reading

‘Last Hope’ New Jersey Casino Goes Belly Up Files Chapter 11 After One Year

The glass casino, Revel, deemed Atlantic City’s “last hope,” has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, less than a year after opening.


The voluntary, prepackaged bankruptcy envisioned for late March will wipe away about two-thirds of its $1.5 billion in debt by converting more than $1 billion of it into equity for lenders.


Kevin DeSanctis, Revel’s CEO, said the restructuring will give the casino resort more flexibility to operate.


“Today’s announcement is a positive step for Revel,” DeSanctis said. “The agreement we have reached with our lenders will ensure that the hundreds of thousands of guests who visit Revel every year will continue to enjoy a signature Revel experience in our world-class facility.”

A positive step? Alrighty then!

Courtney Love Trades Daughter Kurt’s ‘Name Rights’ for Loan Out of Daughter’s Trust Fund!

Vintage Kurt, Frances, Courtney

Frances Bean Cobain, only daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and still barely living Courtney Love’s, has taken over control of the publicity rights of Father Kurt’s name, likeness and appearance.

Mother Love had the rights, until she asked for a $2.75 million loan from Frances’ trust fund (Kurt’s money) in 2010, temporarily trading Kurt’s name for the cash. Love is supposed to get the rights back from Frances, but only when she pays back the loan. Continue reading