Congrats Vanessa Williams! You made it on the “I’m a broke photographer and I’m selling out my model’s pics” golden list! You will be on the golden list along with superstars Marilyn Monroe and Madonna!

Vanessa took some pictures when she was 20, and they surfaced when she won the Miss America title. She then lost her crown.


These old images have been put on eBay for a starting bid of $20,000. But it’s not the actual prints being sold this time, the ‘negatives’ are!

Who is selling the negatives might you ask?
Penthouse Magazine publisher Bob Guccione bought the original photos from Vanessa’s old photographer Tom Chiapel. It is unclear if it is Bob or Tom who is now selling the negatives on eBay. We’re not sure who owns the negatives. It IS clear that somebody is broke and selling out Vanessa! Shame on him.

If you don’t know the history with Vanessa William’s photoshoot from her early 20’s, here’s the back story:

“The first African-American woman ever given the title, Williams was dethroned ten months into her reign when Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione paid photographer Tom Chiapel for the rights to the photographs.

Williams was an employee of Chiapel, a New York photographer who convinced the beauty to pose two years prior to her entry into Miss America.

Williams claimed the photos were personal and was under the assumption they had been destroyed, also saying she’d never given consent for their sale. The auction items include all 156 negatives of the photos, and an alleged signed release form.”

I wonder how Vanessa feels about this? She’s had so much success it’s probably a joke to her. Sorry Vanessa! Trust no one!