Madonna Being Auctioned Off Like Marilyn Monroe

Just think… if your college boyfriend or girlfriend who you’re no longer with, kept all of your emails, letters, notes and photos. Imagine yourself becoming famous.

Then try to imagine waking up one day and seeing your old photos and emails strewn all over the internet… and even for sale! For Madonna, this is a popular trend in her life! Back in January, that sicko who photographed a ‘young and hairy’ Madonna as a teenager, auctioned off the nude photo for $10,000!


Marilyn Monroe has been a victim of men auctioning off her image before and after her death. Famous photographer Bert Stern has successfully paid his rent off of Marilyn’s “The Last Sitting” for over 30 years! The new guy on the auction block is freakshow Jim Albright, a nightclub security guard Madonna met in New York in 1992. He has put up love letters, voice machine recordings and a brief VHS tape featuring the singer for auction. Would Marilyn be okay with all of the money being made off of her? Photographer Bert Stern, did a shoot with Marilyn …

Radaronlinereports the details of the Madonna items to be auctioned… “Gotta Have It!”, an online rock n’ roll memorabilia house, is selling a bundle of letters faxed from all around the world, to Albright from Madonna. The faxes contain sweet nothings to Albright, sometimes insight on the world and poverty and always something steamy to sign out with.

Starting off at $2,000, Madonna frequently closed the letters as “Lola Montez,” who was an Irish-born danced known as a King’s mistress, courtesan and dancer. The audio tapes contain voice messages, some sweet and pleading, some barking and accusatory. The phone messages are starting at $25k, the VHS expected to fetch up to $10k.