Fact or Fiction? Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death? Evidence for You to Decide

Lisa Mason Lee - August 25, 2009

** Disclaimer! I do not know if Michael Jackson faked his death. Just like you, I am wondering if it was possible after seeing this video of “Michael Jumping Out of Coroner’s Van!” I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, so I would never disrespect. This evidence is for you to figure out if it is real or there is more to the Michael Jackson death than we know. **

This new video that Count just posted of a ‘possible sighting’ of Michael Jackson jumping out of a coroner’s van after his so-called death, has blown my mind. This video, and the possibility of Michael Jackson faking his death, led me to so many questions. Was Propofol used to fake his death? Did Michael play “Romeo”?

First, you can tell this video is real. It does not look in any way ‘fake’. This video is supposed to be from the day of Michael’s death. Just before this moment, Michael was just helicoptered in onto USC grounds, then driven in the coroner’s van to the actual coroner’s building.


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Let’s rewind the entire day of Michael’s death of June 25, 2009…

Michael was pronounced ‘dead’ 5 hours after his actual death in his Holmby Hills home. Dr. Conrad Murray, his personal doctor, was reported to have called in Michael’s death 5 hours after he Michael actually quit breathing. During that time, Dr. Conrad had his Las Vegas doctor’s office cleaned out.

Paramedics then came to Michael’s house and tried to resuscitate him, but he was already dead they said. “Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived. A cardiologist at UCLA tells TMZ Jackson died of cardiac arrest.” (Who was the UCLA cardiologist? Who were the ‘paramedics’ that arrived at Jackson’s home?)

Once at the UCLA hospital, the staff tried to “resuscitate” him but he was completely unresponsive. So, Michael died hours before the time he was at UCLA hospital. (Who was involved? How many paramedics were around? Did anyone notice any weird behavior at the hospital when Michael arrived? Was the area blocked off? Restricted? Only Michael could get away with everyone participating in keeping distance from the hot scene.)

Michael was then transported in a helicopter from UCLA, to USC in downtown Los Angeles. From the exit of Michael covered in a white sheet, he was rolled out on a gurney, then put into the coroner’s van, the van then drove to the actual L.A. coroner’s building on USC grounds.

I found this video below that shows the coroner’s van driving up to the building, just before it pulls inside of the gated garage. Watch at the last 20 seconds of this video and you can see a group of people (probably paparazzi) run up the ramp and attempt to follow the van to the garage. The video cuts there.

This local news video was filmed just before the unknown camera man (maybe from the group of people chasing the van?) recorded secret footage of Michael’s coroner van driving into the gated garage. [Now watch the first video at the top again to see the correlation] The coroner van gets through the gated garage and stops. You then see a big dark skinned man dressed in black, opens the back door of the van, and a person who resembles Michael Jackson, jumps out the back of the van, and the bodyguard and the possible still living Michael Jackson walk into the building. If you listen closely, you can hear the camera man breathing hard in the video as if he just got done chasing the van with the group of people up to the gated garage. Watch closely at the end of this video, you can barely see the group of people chasing the coroner van.

My point in correlating these two different videos, is to show you that this camera man who got secret footage of a possible ‘alive’ Michael jumping out of the van, just might be on to something big. Looks like evidence to me.

If Michael Jackson did fake his death, he would be the only person who could pull it off in every way. There have been stories of other big stars throughout history that possibly faked their death. Jim Morrison from “The Doors” is rumored to be alive still. Some say he faked his death, and is hiding out because he didn’t want the fame anymore.

Is it possible that Michael wanted to bail out on his “This Is It” tour? Was faking his death a way to get away from everyone and everything? Is there a chance he was unsure about doing his big comeback? Is a ‘fake death’ a better way to get away from it all, rather than living and dealing with everything? Did Jackson’s fake death rake in enough money and satisfy everyone that Jackson owed?

Were there certain people in on his “fake death?” Who did Michael trust enough to tell? Have you seen any reports that ANY of his family members ever saw Michael’s body after his death? Would he tell his mother Katherine? Would he tell Janet?

If we found out that Michael was still alive, would you be mad at him for faking his death? I thought about it, and I first thought “maybe” I would be mad. We had to go through so much pain and suffering, and then saying ‘okay’, we’ve accepted he’s gone. After the Los Angeles memorial, the months of tears and news, the Jackson family sorrow, the blaming of Dr. Conrad Murray possibly killing Michael…Did Dr. Conrad Murray give Michael a “Romeo and Juliet” anesthetic (Propofol) to fake out everyone into thinking he’s dead? Could it be?  It’s been a long ride, and we are still rolling through it.

So would I be mad if Michael faked his death? No. He gave us so much joy throughout our lives, I would be ‘okay’ if Michael were really alive and free, doesn’t he deserve it? “Leave Me Alone oh oh…”

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  • Mica

    I believe he’s dead but then again i believe he’s alive because of this whole “The Immortal World Tour” he’s having this year and next year so…im confused


    i love Michael Jackson! whatever happens. if he’s really still alive, i wish him much happiness :))

  • mjninja

    I’ve believed pretty much since the day his death was announced that he’s still alive. I DO believe his children are in on this, along with Katherine, and probably Janet. And I believe this has been planned WAAAY longer than simply just before This is It. I mean, let’s face it, even if Michael didn’t want to escape fame, he was in debt. AND he loved to play pranks! Remember in moonwalk when he talked about dumping buckets of water on people from the balcony of hotel rooms? I don’t put it past him to do this as a “gotcha” either. And no, I would not be mad if I found out this was the case. I’d be overjoyed! Think about it, we thought we lost him, and now he’s back to Thrill us again. Why would I be mad?
    I just wonder where he’s hiding out….

    By the way, my friend and I have an email adress/website for this very topic. You can reach us at:
    Or fill a form to join our site!

    We’re currently scouting for clues on his death, evidence, and where he’s possibly hiding at. If you haven’t already been checking, there are a TON of clues in some of his songs. One that really sticks out is one in his new song, “Monster”
    “Funerals, cemeteries, don’t worry it’s time to visit. Broke bones, tombstones, how do you think I’m kidding? its home, sweet home, the land of the forbidden. all hell, run tell, the King has risen
    2010 Thriller, there’s nothing iller, it’s killer”

    I thought this song was supposed to be written BEFORE he died, and if he died in 2009, and wasn’t planning something, why the heck does 2010 matter for anything? And the “King has Risen?”
    Plus, a lot of people, due to Michael’s FALSE accusations against him, often thought he was a monster. And as 50 Cent raps, “Feel it in the air, hear the monster come.”

  • Jocksin

    If you haven’t noticed in the 1st video its dark when “Michael” enters the coroners building and in the 2nd video its daylight… Im not a scientist, but that seems a tad impossible since I didn’t see the sun implode/explode whichever it will do some day.

  • Anonymous

    My thinking is if MJ was going to fake his death why didn’t they have a decoy for the media/popparazi? Like if they were going to take him in the helicopter maybe they should have put his maniquin in there transferred it to the coroners van left to decoy the popparazi then when it was safe got MJ and taken him to his secret destination. Humm! I know its got to be better planned than that. Maybe it wasn’t him maybe it was a double. And he was decoyed somewhere else.

  • Chelsea

    I love MJ, he inspires me, but I do believe he has died. When it’s time, it’s time. It was just his time to go sadly. We all have it. I agree with the people who say there videos are fake. 1-the vans are both different. 2. In the first video it’s night and in the second it’s day. If the first video was taken right after the second than both would be during the day.

  • kenny

    No that video is not real. Those are two different trucks. The van Michael was in had a white bumper sicker on the left side. The van in the video showing a man getting out does not have a bumper sticker on the rear left bumper. Nice try but it is fake.

  • Ben

    That video of MJ jumping out the van is totally fake.Some Russian guy came up with it.It was all planed.Sorry guys if you think I’m lying,check it out on YouTube..R.I.P. MJ

  • Brigette

    I was in shock when the news broadcasted that Michael had died. I grew up listening to his music; like many, to me he was the best performer in the world; a musical genius for all of the music he created. For the two weeks after his death, I couldn’t see anything on TV about him without crying; I stayed home to watch the funeral and couldn’t stop crying. I am not a fanatical kind of person, you know the ones who just go overboard with being consumed with celebs; but I must admit, his death felt personal, I even cried in the shower because I thought, damn I never got to see him in concert and I just couldn’t imagine a world without more Michael Jackson music. His music, for many of us, set the stage for many stages of our lives; we hear his music and we remember where we were when we first heard many of his great songs; we remember where we were when we saw his creative videos. The funeral was exactly like I thought it should be for such a wonderful international entertainer. I saw the casket and I cried, It did not seem possible that this was real. When all calmed down months after, I started seeing some of the internet sites questioning his death. I thought to myself, wow, some people believed he faked his death. I had those same thoughts before the funeral and I told my cousin; if anyone could pull this prank off on the entire planet, it would be him. Hell we watch movies that we know are just movies, but damn if movies don’t look real; and what if everyone involved, doctors, paramedics, family etc. were all a part of the prank. Maybe its wishful thinking for all us fans or maybe someday in the future, we will realize and it will go down in history as the biggest prank the planet has ever witnessed. Even though I cried, I really would not be mad if he surfaced; I would be be really cool to have witnessed such a prank. If he did fake his death, I don’t think he thought anyone would commit suicide, as I heard happened. The question is….can someone go to prison for such a prank? I have watched the “This Is It Movie” over and over….he just didn’t look like he was using drugs; yeah he was skinny, but the man was movin and shakin; he was alert. Some of the words he said..the final curtain call and the movie This Is It….pretty ironic. The main thing after they announced his death, was the out-pour of affection and the acknowledgement from people in his past who ridiculed him and the truths that surfaced about all that he had been accused. I thought wow, I guess you have to die before people will say the right thing about you. If it was intended to be a prank, I don’t believe it went as planned because to the poor souls who took their lives; if Michael is out there, I hope he has peace in his life, if he did really pass away, we know he has peace in his new life, his was an angel who did wonderful things for humanity, I always wanted to meet him, especially after all the accusations and court hearings…just to let him know he was a wonderful human being. Whichever way it played out, I will always feel a hole in my heart about all of it.

  • marcia

    well I have seen this video but what I saw last night I almost fainted I saw a video of when the ambulance was backing out of michael’s home and as it was backing up I got the shock of my life for about 2 seconds and you have to look closely you can see michael’s face looking out the tinted window of the ambulance and one of his bodyguards are putting up thier hand to the window to try and shield his face awesome

  • michael is an angel

    If Michael did fake his death to get away from the public eye and retiree, than I wish him the very best! I enjoy his music very much and appreciate all he has done for the world and giving to so many charities. Michael seemed so caring and loving. I only wish I could have meet him. I would have signed a confidentiality agreement in order to be his friend. I honestly would have LOVED to be his friend but not for the fame or money. I think he is a very interesting person and a true genius! If he were to come back tomorrow I would be both happy and sad. I would be happy because he was back but sad for him because he would be hounded again. Live in PEACE Michael! You deserve some time for your self after giving so much to everyone else!

  • MsKat

    I’d like to add that I’m sure Micheal’s children know exactly what’s going on and the reasons behind it plus Michael has very, very loyal devoted fans and I can honestly say 99% of them are going to understand especially because we all know what he has been put through and most wont blame him for doing what he felt he needed to do no matter how extreme it may have been.

  • MsKat

    I too believe Michael is alive, I don’t think he ever intended to do the concert’s and I feel he finally had enough and needed to get away to heal, re-group and to shut up everyone who made this poor man’s life hell…now we have Martin Bashir with his good bye to Michael video stating he never saw any wrong, Diane Sawyer’s video about Michaels skin condition where before all she did was make a joke out of him, FBI document’s released clearing him after a 17 yr. investigation maybe Michael knew this was something he needed to do to finally make these people realize he was telling us the truth all along. I hope he come’s back with a vengence!! I for one would totally understand.

  • Nadine

    I will b da happiest person in the world if Michael is still alive…..he deserve to live not to die….maybe he had some problems until he could not come up with any other solutions, but the only way is through this??? But wateva it is, I’ll never be mad on him…..I’ll be happy for him….and the 3 children will have their dad back…..I wish I’ll getta chance to see him….hihi….by God’s grace…..I LOVE YOU MICHAEL….AND GOD BLESS U AND YOUR FLY 4EVA….

  • Anonymous

    If michael faked his death yes I would be upset only because of what his children are going thru but I would understand.but I do believe he would not do this to his children.let alone all of us.like he says we are his children to.I love you michael and I always will no matter what.

  • Anita

    Since reading this I am certian that Michael is alive and I am so relived. I always felt something empty inside of me ever since I heard of this passing away. And everytime I listen to this song “Heal the World” i’d cry thinking about him. I always dream of seeing him perform in a concert and I wouldn’t care how much it would cost. I’ve bought every magazine of him. If Michael is still alive and seeing everything all of us put on the internet. It’s my dream to meet him in person. I drive my parents crazy talking about him , but I can’t stop!

  • bobbe

    right on!

  • good observation!!!

  • Aaron

    This is totally not the same van if you look at the bumper of the orginal van it has a white bumper sticker on the video with him coming out of the van no bumber sticker!!


    I am a big fan of michael jackson…
    I believe that michael is alive and he did all these in order to give a temporary solution to problems that only he knew and tortured him…
    Well michael if you can see this email listen to my advice…
    You’re right for doing all these and keep up doing this untill time comes so you can judge and believe that you are ready to come back again..I am 45 years old,i have a daughter whose name is elisabeth 15 years old and a younger son nikolao konstantino 13 years old…Every day we listen to your songs and we just can’t stop dancing!!!!!!!!That’s why do us a favour and come back soon because you have still so many things to give to this world and all of us need you so much!!!From a mother who has suffered a lot in her life…….


    I can’t believe it…Now i am sure 100% that michael is alive!this puzzle’s pieces were solved!!!!this all makes sense to me!!!!!Both videos and the video which shows his body standing up inside the helicopter these all make sense!!i respect his decision and support michael for everything he is doing!!
    But i would really love from the bottom of my heart one day i could see him in a concert or somewhere dancing and singing…It’s my dream to meet him…