Nicki Minaj SUED By WIG DESIGNER: She Screwed Me Of A Reality Show

Nicki Minaj is known for her crazy hairdos, which are usually compliments of pricey custom wigs, but now the man who created those hair raising designs is suing the rapper for $30 million.BJminaj

Terrence Davidson filed suit in district court in Atlanta claiming that Minaj, not only stole his designs, but also a reality show deal that he was discouraged from pursuing. Continue reading

Nicki Minaj Blamed For American Idol Rating Disaster

Possessing one of the world’s most irritating speaking voices, Nicki Minaj, made her debute on American Idol to “rave rank reviews…”


Clicker says the rap diva is driving Idol fans away by the droves!

“Get rid of Minaj and I might watch…oh nevermind no I won’t,” wrote Robert Hofland.

Jimm Crouse said, “For the first time in many years I am NOT going to watch! Can’t stand Nikki Minaj!!, I won’t be watching either. I can’t stand Minaj. She is awful.”

Some of our readers criticized the hip-hop artist-turned-talent show judge for being “phony” and others called her a “narcissist,” while still others seemed to take issue with everything about her.

The verdict? people hate Nicki Minaj a lot more than show producers predicted as rating plunged 19 percent from last year’s season opener.

“NICKI ruins the show by her mean spirit and repulsive wigs and makeup,” Catherine Joyce explained. “IT SHOULD BE FOCUSING on the contestants not her. The other judges are fine.”

Nicki Minaj Blasphemous Grammy Performance ‘Typical’

Once you’ve seen that one Nicki Minaj face, and have heard that out of tune thing she does in every song, what more do you need to see?Last night, Minaj showed up at the Grammys looking her usual- like a black Lady Gaga, because that’s her given shtick. The Grammys even let the devil Barbie perform!

Minaj and her team put together an act where Nicki played her alter-ego “Roman Zolanski”, and she was being exorcised by a priest because she had a ‘case of the demons’.
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