Once you’ve seen that one Nicki Minaj face, and have heard that out of tune thing she does in every song, what more do you need to see?Last night, Minaj showed up at the Grammys looking her usual- like a black Lady Gaga, because that’s her given shtick. The Grammys even let the devil Barbie perform!

Minaj and her team put together an act where Nicki played her alter-ego “Roman Zolanski”, and she was being exorcised by a priest because she had a ‘case of the demons’.

Yep, there were alters, catholic decorations- it was all church themed, and there she was getting all blasphemous. Surprise.


As for everyone looking for anything Illuminati in program last night, there wasn’t much! Just a little torch passing from Whitney to Jennifer Hudson, Minaj making a fool of the church and the stage was shaped like the Egyptian Phoenix.

Don’t worry conspiracy theorists, because the MTV Music Awards are always around the corner, and you can guarantee plenty of Illuminati symbolism there!