Nicki Minaj Tour Manager MURDERED IN PHILLY

De’Von Pickett, Nicki Minaj‘s tour manager, was murdered after getting stabbed in Philadelphia. Also known as, “Day Day,” he was only 29.

The stabbing took place in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

how did De’Von Pickett die

The stabbing occurred during a bar fight. The argument began around 2 a.m. inside Che Bar & Grill in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane neighborhood and spread onto the street. Continue reading

Human KEN DOLL Spent HOW MUCH On Plastic Surgery?

A UK man, Rodrigo Alves, has had over 30 plastic surgery procedures, all in an effort to resemble Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken.

Rodrigo, 28, is a self-proclaimed “perfectionist” that has spent a whopping $250,000 plus in his quest to become a human version of Ken doll.

Rodrigo Alves ken doll

“I just wanted to be a better person and I truly am #happy Continue reading

Beverly Hillbillies Elly May Clampett Donna Douglas DEAD At 81

Donna Douglas, the actress best known for portraying Elly May Clampett, the daughter of Jed Clampett, in the CBS television series The Beverly Hillbillies passed away Thursday.

Douglas was 81.

Elly May Clampett 4

In 2011, Douglas sued toy manufacturer Mattel Inc., claiming the company used her name and likeness for a Barbie doll without authorization. Continue reading

Toys’R’Us PULLS Breaking Bad Action Figures

Toys ‘R’ Us pulled its Breaking Bad action figures after public outcry.

Four collectible figures based on characters from AMC’s mega-hit series “Breaking Bad” came complete with blue crystals, representing the main character’s methamphetamine product.

Parents SLAM Toys R Us Over Breaking Bad Action Figures With Blue Crystals

“Let’s just say, the action figures have taken an indefinite sabbatical,” Toys R Us said in a statement. Continue reading

DECLINED! Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Miley Cyrus made a fool of herself (again,) this time after beckoning Katy Perry over for a french Kiss and getting squarely DECLINED! Ouch! Miley and Perry looked like they would have ended up with a nice friendly and flirty kiss on the lips, that is until Cyrus tilted her head on the ‘I kissed a Girl’ singer..

miley cyrus katy perry kiss2 700x464 DECLINED! Miley Cyrus AGAPE Over Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Depraved Miley went in for a little tonsil hockey with the “Roar” singer, but after a brief peck, Katy broke it off! Miley seemed destroyed by the move.. Her hungry mouth still a gape..

Click below to view the not-so steamy video..

Human Barbie: I Can Exist On Air And Light ALONE

Valeria Lukyanova, the world’s real-life Barbie doll says she eventually hopes to live without eating or drinking, making it her goal to survive “on air and light alone.”

valeria lukyanova candids 2

“In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all,” Lukyanova said, “I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.” Continue reading