Jennifer Lawrence Goofing On Nicki Minaj?

I can’t figure out what the folks over at SNL did to Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures! In one she looks like Nicki Minaj, in another one she looks like a human Barbie doll and none of them look like her…

Case in point, Jennifer Minaj… Did Lawrence try to re-create Nicki’s signature pout?


Jennifer Lawrence starring in “The Human Barbie doll, the girl with no soul in her eyes.”


In the picture above you’ll notice that little star mark thingie is on the right side of Jennifer’s face, conversely, in the picture below it’s on the left hand side, so did the photographer reverse the star or the actual picture? If he reversed the picture that could explain why Jennifer looks so different.


The artists over SNL usually do a pretty good job with the stills, however this is not their best work.

source gotceleb

Shahs Of Skinny? Lilly Ghalichi Scares Herself With A Scale

Shahs of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi tweeted this Barbie skinny picture of herself with the following caption,

“just stepped on a scale for the first time in ages. somebody really DOES need to bring me a burger lol. I don’t understand how I get skinnier!” Wait, she doesn’t understand how she gets skinny?


Okey-dokey pokey! You get skinny when you’re not eating very much! Huh! Go figure…


This is another perfect example of the “human Barbie culture,” women who will do anything to get their Measurements to unrealistic proportions… Plastic.

First Time Barbie Doll Accessory AIDS Ribbon

First of all, what kid has $150 to plop down on a Barbie doll? Something tells me this limited edition Elizabeth Taylor Barbie was more angled towards Barbie collectors which brings me to my next question, there are grown ass people still playing with Barbie dolls? I’m sorry, collecting Barbie dolls? Is that anything like me collecting The Matrix action figures? Oh, okay never mind, I get it.

This White Diamond collectible Barbie comes complete with AIDS ribbon… That is cool I guess.