INSIDE FLIGHT MH17: Doomed Passenger Posts Video Before Crash

A passenger aboard doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 posted a video to social media of unsuspecting passengers preparing for takeoff..

The last glimpse of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was captured by Malaysian passenger Md Ali Md Salim moments before departure.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Instagram

The 14-second video, which was uploaded on his private Instagram account, showed other passengers stowing their luggage in the overhead compartment.  Continue reading

Did IMF Boss Predict Malaysia Plane Crash?

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to agree that IMF chief, Christine Lagarde, talked some serious voodoo a.k.a the occult in a recent speech.

Lots of folks on social media are connecting Christine’s comments from back in January to happenings in world events today, specifically the crash of Malaysian air and MH17.

Christine Lagarde


You won’t believe your ears when you hear all of the “7” references Lagarde makes during her speech of the elite. Continue reading

Missing MH370 Co-Pilot BROKE RULES Allowing Young Women In Cockpit

In an odd twist to an already twisted situation, a worrying lapse of protocol was revealed after photos surfaced depicting Co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid and his colleague fraternizing with a pair of young women while on duty. Hamid is the man who co-piloted missing Malaysia Air flight MH370.

Jonti Roos and Jaan Mare Fariq Abdul Hamid

The women were pictured hugging the pilots in secured areas of the plane. The men even allowed the giddy girls to wear their official garb in the series of candid snaps.

The pilots broke Malaysia Airline rules when they invited passengers Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree to join them in the cabin for the one-hour flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur.

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