JUDGE RULES: V. Stiviano Must Return $2.6M In Gifts To Shelly Sterling

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that Donald Sterling‘s ex, V. Stiviano, must return $2.6 million in gifts to Shelly Sterling.

Shelly Sterling was awarded almost all of the nearly $3 million she had sought.

shelly sterling

Sterling had claimed that money used to buy V. Stiviano a house, luxury cars and stocks was her community property. Stiviano’s lawyer had argued the gifts were made when Donald and Shelly Sterling were separated and that Shelly Sterling couldn’t seek them from a third party. Continue reading

Suge Knight: I’m Innocent! If You Don’t Believe Me, Check Out The Video!

Suge Knight is one happy incarcerated fellow after a video of his fatal hit and run surfaced showing he may have had a very good reason to flee.

Knight contacted a family member after the video was posted, saying it’s his ticket out of the poke.. No joke.

suge knight heart attack


Suge acknowledges if it were just his word against the word of others, “I’d be so far up under the jail,” because everyone assumes he’s always the bad guy. Suge says the video answers critical questions: He was attacked by Bone the second he arrived at Tam’s, Bone had a gun, which he claims you can see in the video when Bone hands it off to someone and there was a crowd out for blood, making it impossible for him to escape past them down the street.

Suge and his team are planning to use the video in a bail hearing so he can get out pending trial.

Case closed? Not by a long shot big guy..

Anna Nicole Smith Estate Gets Nothing

220209~Anna Nicole Smith Posters Anna Nicole Smith Estate Gets Nothing

In what may be the final chapter of Anna Nicole Smith’s life, a Houston appeals court ruled Smith would receive none her husband’s billions. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court said J. Howard Marshall was mentally fit and under no pressure when he signed a will leaving $1.6 billion to his son, E. Pierce Marshall.

It has been 15 years since Smith said her husband promised her more than $300 million, although Smith had no documentation to serve as proof of that statement. The case outlived both Elder Marshall and Smith.

A lawyer for Smith’s estate said they would appeal this ruling on different issues in the future.

Michael Jackson Signed AEG Contract Stating He Had “No Known Health Problems”

Radaronline got an exclusive copy of Michael Jackson’s AEG contract. They have the full contract in a PDF file that you can download. The contract was signed by Micheal, agreeing that he ‘had no health problems’ at the time of the signing.

This contract with Michael and AEG for the “This Is It” tour, was filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court as part of the ongoing probate matter.

The contract clearly states “Artistco (a company owned by Michael Jackson), hereby represents and warrants that Artist does not possess any known health conditions, injuries or ailments that would reasonably
be expected to interfere with Artist’s first class performance at each of the Shows during the term.”

“Michael Jackson passed a physical that was coordinated by AEG, and he formally signed the contract stating that he had no health problems that would prohibit him from honoring his agreement with AEG,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Jackson signed the contract on behalf of his company, The Michael Jackson Company LLC and as the artist, Michael Jackson. AEG Live CEO Brandon Phillips also signed the contract.

Michael Jackson Coming to Coins, Calendars, School Supplies, Posters

A Judge approved the manufacturing and sale of Michael Jackson themed coins, calendars, school supplies and posters.

The people who ended up owning Jackson’s estate got Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff to agree and sign-off on the above items to be sold, however, that is only the beginning of a cavalcade of products the estate plans to roll out using the Michael Jackson brand.

Monday, the good Judge will decide on more deals including Jackson’s fateful last rehearsal performance that is destine to become a movie.