Johnny Depp NIGHTMARE OVER! As Amber Heard Suddenly DROPS CASE

Amber Heard has officially withdrawn her request for a restraining order against Johnny Depp, dismissing the case with prejudice. The case can never be re-filed.

The nasty divorce, which included a domestic violence petition, is also resolved. Sources say, Depp agreed to pay his estranged wife a measly $7 million to walk away. The settlement includes Heard’s attorney fees. Depp reportedly enjoys a net worth of $400 million. His salary alone for acting and producing can easily reach $100 million annually.

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Johnny’s lawyers, Laura Wasser and Blair Berk, along with Amber’s lawyers, Pierce O’Donnell and Samantha Spector, crafted a settlement after Amber was grilled Saturday during a deposition. Continue reading

Shocker? Khloe And Lamar Reconcile! The Divorce Is Officially Off!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have filed court papers to dismiss their divorce case and are planning to stay husband and wife.

Laura Wasser, who represents Khloe, went before a judge this morning, petitioning him to withdraw the request for divorce from Odom. The couple had previously signed off to end the marriage, however, their file was waiting to be processed and signed by a judge.

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The judge granted Wasser’s request and the file is now dead. Khloe filed for divorce in December 2013, Continue reading

Donald Sterling Estranged Wife SPEAKS

Donald Sterling’s estranged wife Shelly is speaking out in the press expressing that she does NOT share the racist views of her husband. She goes on to say that Donald’s comments were, despicable and prejudices.


Shelly has been estranged from Donald for years.  She’s retained attorney Laura Wasser several months ago to file a civil lawsuit against Donald’s GF V. Stiviano.  Wasser is a top divorce lawyer, so it seems divorce is imminent.

Continue reading

Kim K First Divorce Depo: ‘I Truly Loved Him’

Kim Kardashian sat for her first deposition which went on for an exhausting 9 hours… BUT eventually she uttered the following very unbelievable three words, “I loved him.” And NO, she’s not talking about Kanye West.


The reality star made the comment trying to affirm her true love for Kris Humphries. Reportedly she secretly sat for her deposition Tuesday in L.A. … and she testified under oath that when she accepted Kris Humphries‘ proposal of marriage and when she said “I do,” she really did love him.

TMZ reports that the deposition was taken at the offices of Kim’s lawyer … disso queen Laura Wasser (the pic was taken on their way in). It lasted 9 hours.

Kris Humphries’ lawyer probed for evidence that Kim defrauded Kris and only married him to goose ratings for her reality show, but we’re told Kris didn’t make any headway. He’s shooting for an annulment based on fraud, but sources say the depo didn’t help his case.Get this … Kris did NOT show up for the depo. His lawyer made a big stink in court that  Kris had a right to be there. He didn’t even have a game on Tuesday. As for the reality show … we’re told Kim testified it played no part in her decision to tie the knot.   Other than that, we’ve learned Kris’ lawyer, Lee Hutton, did not ask much at all about the reality show and whether it was staged. Hutton has made numerous threats that he would blow the lid off the reality show during the trial, so it’s surprising he virtually ignored it in Kim’s depo. Kim has been gunning for a divorce for almost a year-and-a-half. The trial is set for May 6. tmz

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Hey Ladies…Guess What Celebrity Is Now Single??

mel gibson photo Hey Ladies...Guess What Celebrity Is Now Single??

His wife Robyn filed for divorce with power hitter divorce lawyer Laura Wasser citing the usual “differences”..or aka..”My husband lost his shit about 5 years ago”.  The couple have produced 7 children from their union with the youngest being “Tom” at 10 years old. Robyn is seeking joint and legal custody of the boy along with every little last penny that she can scrape out of their nest egg.

The couple released a statement: “Throughout our marriage and separation we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so.”

Since I’m not heartless I do have to say I’m very sorry this cornerstone of Hollywood has finally crumbled. Kids suffer from a divorce and it’s incredibly painful. The Gibson family is in our hearts here at and we hope they can settle their money matters quickly and respectfully.

On another note..who do you think Mel will date next?  I can see him going after Natalie Portman.

com0606q Hey Ladies...Guess What Celebrity Is Now Single??