Selena Gomez LIP SYNCING? Billboard Awards 2013

Selena Gomez sounded fantastic! And why wouldn’t she? With all those backing tracks.. Anyone would’ve sounded like a superstar. But the troubling thing is, Selena wasn’t singing most of, if any of that at all.. That’s right another lip syncing victim.. And I can guess what her excuse will be, something like she had to dance and she couldn’t do both.. But let’s face, not to be mean, Selena is not much of a dancer. Compared to other young dancers, Selena is kind of a joke..

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OJ Simpson GF Let Cat Starve To Death After Drug Binge Testimony Reveals

I think if I had to pick one thing that eventually brought down OJ Simpson, it would be his reported drug use, i.e. cocaine.. It came out today in testimony that OJ’s girlfriend also has her own drug issues, bad ones, like the time she when on a bender, which resulted in cops responding to her OJ sponsored apartment over a “foul stench.” That stench was her cat which had died after not being fed for weeks..


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American Idol First LIVE Show Of Season

AMERICAN IDOL viewers take notice, just a reminder that the LIVE 3-Night event starts tonight, TUE MAR 5, and it will be up to you, viewer, to vote for who will advance to the finals and who will go home. Tonight is the season’s first live show, so anything can happen.


The first group of 10 semifinalists girls will perform LIVE from Las Vegas for America’s vote and the second group of 10 semifinalists boys will perform LIVE WED MAR 6 at 8/7c. Then, on a super-sized, 90-minute episode on THU MAR 7 at 8/7c, find out America’s vote when the AMERICAN IDOL finalists are announced LIVE from Los Angeles.

Addictive American Idol Audition Song Remix “Pants On Da Ground” Larry Platt

Remember Pants on the Ground?

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Gunman Named in Vegas Shooting

Ammar Harris, 26, has been named as the prime suspect for the recent Las Vegas shooting on the strip. Where it involved a aspiring rapper, Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr., also known as Kenny Clutch, being killed in his Maserati as well as a taxi driver and passenger.


This picture was released by the police department because Harris was arrested in 2012 for pandering, kidnapping, sexual assault and coercion charges.

“His location is unknown,” police Capt. Chris Jones said of Harris, who sometimes goes by the name Ammar Asim Faruq Harris. Police say he has been arrested for working as a pimp.”

3 DEAD in Las Vegas Strip Shootout Multi Car Accident

Three people are dead and at least three more injured after a shooting that set off a muiti-car accident on the Las Vegas Strip.21295933_BG1

Police say a shootout ensued in front of the casino early this morning. The shooting set off a multi-car accident. Flamingo is closed between I-15 and Audrie Street. Las Vegas Blvd. is closed from Caesars Palace to Paris. Drivers should use Spring Mountain Road, Desert Inn Road, Tropicana Avenue, or Harmon Avenue instead of Flamingo and Koval Lane.

Drivers should also utilize Maryland Parkway, Paradise Road and I-15 instead of Las Vegas Blvd. Please avoid the area of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard.