Snooki May Be Engaged to the Wrong Daddy

Jersey Shore’s Snooki tweeted an official engagement picture, wearing her ring and posing with fiance Jionni LaValle.

Snooki Jionni ring Snooki May Be Engaged to the Wrong Daddy

It was only until Snooki announced her pregnancy, that LaValle asked her to marry him. Some are still speculating that the baby may not be his, as it could be housemates’ Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s or Vinny Guadagnino’s.

A pregnant Snooki is set to be back with the Jersey Shore cast this upcoming Season 6, but the show will be spun into a whole new direction, considering it used to portray Snooki as the ‘life of the party’.

With Mike reportedly just getting out of rehab for alcohol problems, Jersey Shore won’t exactly portray him as the fun party guy anymore either.

I think I will still watch the show at first, but might lose interest without seeing my favorites partying.

JWOWW Unveils New Perfume

Jersey Shore’s JWOWW a.k.a. Jenni Farley was photographed in NYC at a promotional event for her new fragrance, “JWOWW”.

JWOWW is known for her love of tanning, as are the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. JWOWW even has her own Australian Gold tanning lotion lines “JWOWW Black Bronzer” and “JWOWW Private Reserve Ultra Toning Bronzer”. Now she has her own perfume. It is being sold at Kmart.

Jersey Shore Cast Refuses to Shoot Wants New Contract

Cast members of the popular MTV TV reality show, Jersey Shore, pulled a wobbler on the set today saying they won’t shoot another scene for the third season until they get a contract to their liking.

Crews showed up to film the Italian stallions and mares, JWoww, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D and Vinny but they collectively said, “sorry” choosing to strike instead. Snooki and The Situation are set to shoot tomorrow and are expected to also be unavailable.


It is reported the cast members make a boatload of moolah, however, the lion share comes from endorsements and appearances and not from MTV salary.

The folks at MTV had no comment.

Move Over Jersey Shore Hello K-Town

Produced by Tyrese, so far K-Town has only been released on the internet, however, the reality show, featuring kooky Asian American youngsters is expected to get picked up by a studio any second. The cast consists of 4 girls and 4 guys, and promises to outdo Jersey Shore in all categories, muscles, high hairdos, clubbing and most importantly drama.

Here are some pictures fresh from the set. Okay so were casting agents intentionally trying to mirror Jersey Shore’s look and feel only with a slight slant or what?!