Kate Winslet: ‘I’ve never been attracted to Leonardo’

15 years later, the film “Titanic” has made it’s way back into theaters, and this time it’s in 3-D.

Titanic 3-D has been cut just the same as the original version, but this second time around, everything will be close and in your face, and so will Kate Winslet’s breasts. If you’re more of a Leonardo DiCaprio fan, you can bet on seeing his pretty face closer than you’ve ever imagined now.

In a recent interview with Winslet, shown in the video below, Winslet talks about why fans liked the movie so much, guessing that it’s because ‘fans probably liked the on-screen romance between her and DiCaprio’.
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Avatar Makes Over 1 Billion Worldwide!

avatar poster 200x300 Avatar Makes Over 1 Billion Worldwide!

We knew it! When we dished out the money to see Avatar at the theater, and see it in 3-D, we knew it was going huge! ‘HUGE’ like over 1 Billion $$$ made in ticket sales HUGE.

Congratulations to  James Cameron and the gamblers for betting 300 Million-something dollars on making the film, and getting a hefty return on the deal!

Winning the titles “2nd biggest movie ever in North America” and “5th highest gross film worldwide”, I’d say James Cameron and the gamblers are waking up with big smiles every day :)

Avatar in 3D was truly a mind-blowing experience. See it in 3-D asap!

James Cameron FINALLY Shows off Avatar

James Cameron

James Cameron

After years and years of waiting, James Cameron finally showed people a clip of his hotly anticipated film AvatarAvatarfollows the story of a crippled human (Sam Worthington) who is transported to an alien world and gets involved in a epic war.  If anyone can pull it off it’s Cameron, whose last film was a little flick titled Titanic.

Cameron previewed more than 20 minutes of the film at a Comic Con panel yesterday.  The hall was already at full capacity since it followed the New Moonpanel but the audience was nonetheless engaged and, from the sound of many reports, blown away.  The film relies heavily on cutting-edge special effects and promises to set the bar on digital and 3D motion pictures.  In fact, the technology needed for the movie has been 15 years in the making.  Yikes.

Cameron also promised that IMAX theaters across the country will show footage of the new film on August 21, which he dubbed “Avatar Day”.