15 years later, the film “Titanic” has made it’s way back into theaters, and this time it’s in 3-D.

Titanic 3-D has been cut just the same as the original version, but this second time around, everything will be close and in your face, and so will Kate Winslet’s breasts. If you’re more of a Leonardo DiCaprio fan, you can bet on seeing his pretty face closer than you’ve ever imagined now.


In a recent interview with Winslet, shown in the video below, Winslet talks about why fans liked the movie so much, guessing that it’s because ‘fans probably liked the on-screen romance between her and DiCaprio’.

But according to Winslet, that on-screen romance and love connection was never true for her and DiCaprio in real life. Winslet claims that she never found DiCaprio attractive, even when they worked on Titanic when she was 21-years-old, and DiCaprio was a big star already at that time.

Although Winslet denies any attraction for DiCaprio, she and even DiCaprio, have stated in interviews that the two are great friends. Maybe DiCaprio liked her, but he didn’t want to feel silly for admitting his love for her, if he knew she didn’t love him back. Just a thought!

Titanic 3-D will be in theaters April 4, 2012.