Steve Jobs Regularly Washed His Feet In Public Toilets

In a recent biography and now biopic about Steve Jobs, it has been revealed that the Apple boss regularly washed his feet in public toilets. Um, ew?

Jobs was known for his huge IQ, but in the workplace, he was known for his overpowering and intense body odor. But now we are learning that the man touted as a genius, would often shed his shoes and dunk his dogs directly random community commodes.. A place is usually reserved for all deposit and no return.

steve jobs feet

During his time at Atari, before he started his venture into Apple, he was placed on the night shift because of his body odor. It turns out that nobody wanted to work with him because he, well, stank. Jobs convinced himself that his vegan diet meant that he only had to shower once a week and he didn’t need to wear deodorant. h/t

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Large And In Charge: New iPad Pro is Here

The new incarnation of Apple‘s iPad is officially here, and it’s big one. And despite Steve Jobs hate, hating, anything with a stylus, this iPad comes stock with one.

Called the “iPad Pro,” it’s 12.9-inches of viewing pleasure bliss and geared primarily toward business professionals – hence the “pro.”

ipad pro pencil

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IDIOT iPhone Thieves Post OWN PHOTOS To Owner’s iCloud

A PA woman, visiting Ohio, had her iPhone and other valuables stolen at a Cedar Point park. And now she is taking to social media to try to bust the thieves after the dummies posted their own photos to her iCloud account.

Kelly Jones, of Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, said she was visiting the park with relatives when she accidentally left a bag on a bench containing two iPhones, a camera, a wallet with credit cards and ID. Cedar Point police later located the bag minus the valuables.

Kelly Jones stolen iphone photos icloud 4

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Genius Texas Thieves Steal iPad Upload Selfies To Victim’s iCloud

A pair of half-witted Houston Texas thieves took 17 photos on an iPad they stole, that were then automatically uploaded to the victim’s iCloud account.

Randy Schaefer‘s truck was broken into while in a local Burger King parking lot, stolen was a laptop, iPad and about $5k in cash.

Texas Thieves Steal iPad Upload Selfies To iCloud

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Stockton Man Steals iPhone Uploads Selfies To Owner’s iCloud Account

File this one under: Very dumb criminals.. Stockton, Ca., authorities are seeking a man who is taking selfies of himself with a stolen iPhone – which are then automatically uploaded to the rightful owner’s iCloud account..

selfie iphone thief icloud

Stockton Police released the photo of the suspect, showing him holding up the phone to take a picture of himself with the phone’s front-facing camera. In the end, the suspect’s vanity may be his undoing.

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Hoax Prompts Users To Charge iPhone In Microwave Oven

A hoax advertisement appearing on the internet told users of Apple‘s newly released iOS 8 that they could now quickly charge their iPhone using a household microwave oven.

The prank ad posted online said, “Microwaves can be used to quickly charge your device’s battery using any standard household microwave.”


The ad had the look and feel of other Apple ads, and that was enough for several gullible people to fall for it and fry their phones. Some posting the results on Twitter. Continue reading