In a recent biography and now biopic about Steve Jobs, it has been revealed that the Apple boss regularly washed his feet in public toilets. Um, ew?

Jobs was known for his huge IQ, but in the workplace, he was known for his overpowering and intense body odor. But now we are learning that the man touted as a genius, would often shed his shoes and dunk his dogs directly random community commodes.. A place is usually reserved for all deposit and no return.


steve jobs feet

During his time at Atari, before he started his venture into Apple, he was placed on the night shift because of his body odor. It turns out that nobody wanted to work with him because he, well, stank. Jobs convinced himself that his vegan diet meant that he only had to shower once a week and he didn’t need to wear deodorant. h/t

Michael Fassbender reenacted Steve Job’s weird foot fetish ritual in the new Alan Sorkin biopic of the same name.

steve jobs movie

Some say Jobs did the dirty deed of soaking his feet in public johns to relieve stress while others maintain it was a twisted attempt at hygiene, either way, he still invented the iPhone.