Olympic Games START TONIGHT! How To Watch Online

The XXXI Olympics Games are finally here! Below find information on how to watch.

The Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics will take place Friday, Aug. 5 in Rio’s Maracanã Stadium. It will air on NBC at 7:30 p.m. ET on a one-hour tape delay.

how to watch rio olympics

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VIDEO: Pokemon Go Fans Stampede In Central Park

MYFOX8 A video posted to YouTube shows a massive crowd of apparent Pokemon Go players rushing into Central Park.

The “stampede” took place Thursday night and involved hundreds of people around the edge of Central Park who were rushing after a highly-sought Pokemon, according to the video’s YouTube description.

Pokemon GO

In the popular game, some digital monsters are more desirable than others. The players rushing into the park were looking for a rare “Vaporeon,” according to the video’s uploader. Continue reading

Apple To DOJ: You Missed Your Chance By Changing Terrorist iCloud Password

Apple is saying the Department of Justice made a big mistake in its handling of the San Bernardino shooter‘s iPhone by changing the password to the device’s iCloud account.

According to senior Apple executives, the DOJ had a valuable opportunity to get into the terrorist’s iCloud account, but for some reason, investigators changed the password.

Syed Farook airport

They said the iCloud password was changed hours after the shooting, preventing a potential iCloud backup that may have revealed further information about the suspect. Continue reading

Steve Jobs Regularly Washed His Feet In Public Toilets

In a recent biography and now biopic about Steve Jobs, it has been revealed that the Apple boss regularly washed his feet in public toilets. Um, ew?

Jobs was known for his huge IQ, but in the workplace, he was known for his overpowering and intense body odor. But now we are learning that the man touted as a genius, would often shed his shoes and dunk his dogs directly random community commodes.. A place is usually reserved for all deposit and no return.

steve jobs feet

During his time at Atari, before he started his venture into Apple, he was placed on the night shift because of his body odor. It turns out that nobody wanted to work with him because he, well, stank. Jobs convinced himself that his vegan diet meant that he only had to shower once a week and he didn’t need to wear deodorant. h/t

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How To Watch Tonight’s GOP Debate If You Don’t Have Cable

If you’ve been thinking about viewing CNN‘s Republican debate, but you don’t have cable, you’re in luck.

CNN is live streaming the event on their website and on Android and iOS mobile apps. And you will not be required to sign in to anything or enter a cable provider.

trump ROSIE O'DONNELL debate comments

The debate starts at 8pm EST, that’s 5pm PST and is expected to go a full 3 hours. Happy watching. Continue reading

Large And In Charge: New iPad Pro is Here

The new incarnation of Apple‘s iPad is officially here, and it’s big one. And despite Steve Jobs hate, hating, anything with a stylus, this iPad comes stock with one.

Called the “iPad Pro,” it’s 12.9-inches of viewing pleasure bliss and geared primarily toward business professionals – hence the “pro.”

ipad pro pencil

Tim Cook called it the biggest news in iPad since the iPad, and he wasn’t kidding. Continue reading

iPhone Glitch Allows Anyone To Power Off Unit With Text Message

Can you really shut off anyones iPhone by sending them a simple text message? You bet you can..

Copy and paste the following message (without quotes) into a new iMessage and send it to whoever you feel like annoying! But remember, it may or not be completely be legal and it could be dangerous!




لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ


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Introducing The $114,995 Apple Watch

Introducing the $114,995 Lux Watch Omni, an 18-karat gold and diamond encrusted Apple watch.

The over-the-top wearable electronic comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes, is customized by a company prophetically called “Brikk.”

18-karat gold and diamond encrusted Apple watch 3

For the budget-conscious, the company offers the $49,995 Lux Watch Deluxe which, like the pricier version, is layered in yellow gold, pink gold or platinum and features a diamond-studded Digital Crown, watch face and band. But while the insides of the all the Apple Watches are the same, some would-be consumers of this luxury mod may be wondering which base materials (watch case and band) Brikk’s customizations will be layered upon. h/t mashable

The company notes that the customizations will use the Apple Watch with the stainless steel case and the Link Bracelet band.

New iPhone 6 BENDING Under Pressure

If you plan on placing your new iPhone 6 in your pocket or purse, make sure you don’t sit down or cause any mildly undue pressure on it, because it may bend.

iPhone users are discovering the new, ultra thin iPhone 6, may bend if stressed, and Apple does not cover the condition under warranty. The cost of repairing bent iPhones can run several hundred dollars.

iphone bends 3

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