A PA woman, visiting Ohio, had her iPhone and other valuables stolen at a Cedar Point park. And now she is taking to social media to try to bust the thieves after the dummies posted their own photos to her iCloud account.

Kelly Jones, of Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, said she was visiting the park with relatives when she accidentally left a bag on a bench containing two iPhones, a camera, a wallet with credit cards and ID. Cedar Point police later located the bag minus the valuables.


Kelly Jones stolen iphone photos icloud 4

“I just felt really violated,” Jones told reporters. “I was really upset, crying. It really put a damper on the weekend.” fox8

Then a break in the case. After returning home, Jones said she was browsing pictures on her iPad when photos of the people who apparently stole her belongings appeared through her Apple iCloud, which connects to her stolen phone.

Her Facebook post, containing selfies taken by the suspected thieves, has gone viral.