Gawker SHUTTERED Website To Be Closed By END OF WEEK

The end is near, very near for

The decade and a half old website will shut down next week, according to a post on

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Univision on Tuesday agreed to buy the six other sites that make up Gawker Media for $135 million but the broadcaster did not plan to operate the flagship site. Gawker founder Nick Denton told staff about the shuttering of the website on Thursday, according to There will be a bankruptcy court hearing later on Thursday to approve Univision’s bid. h/t thr

Thanks Hulk Hogan and Peter Theil! You helped kill free speech in America!

Sheryl Sandberg: Peter Thiel To Stay At Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg says Peter Thiel will stay on Facebook’s board during an onstage chat at a technology conference Wednesday.

Sandberg, responding to questions from tech journalist Kara Swisher, said that fellow Facebook director, billionaire Thiel, will remain on the board.

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“I know this has been actively discussed here and it should be actively discussed, because issues of independence and the media are key to democracy and key to all of us,” she said. “Peter did what he did on his own, not as a Facebook board member. We didn’t know about it.” h/t wp

Sandberg’s response follows days of criticism and questions over what Facebook would say about the issue. In op-eds, some journalists and corporate governance advisers had said Thiel should step down from Facebook’s board or that Zuckerberg should ask him to resign.

“If Zuckerberg does ultimately allow Thiel to stay on the board, you’ll know how the CEO — who holds absolute control over the world’s most-powerful media company — feels about the free press,” wrote technology writer Dan Gillmor at Slate.

Balls Mahoney Extreme Championship Wrestling Star Dead At 44

Extreme Championship Wrestling, Jonathan Rechner, aka, Balls Mahoney, has died. He was 44.

The WWE confirmed the sad news of Rechner’s passing on Twitter. At this time the cause of death remains undetermined.

Jonathan Rechner, aka, Balls Mahoney

Mahoney, who was born in New Jersey, was one of the  Originals, and is well known for his appearances in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Continue reading

Anonymous To FBI: ISIS Is Planning Attack Against WWE Event Sunday

The hacker group Anonymous urgently contacted the FBI telling informing them that they had uncovered information about an ISIS‘ plan to attack a WWE event in Atlanta on Sunday.

FBI officials say they are taking the threat very seriously. An Anonymous report claims they uncovered the ISIS threat and passed on the information to federal authorities.


“Anonymous also said the Islamic State group is planning an assault at the WWE Survivor Series event scheduled to take place in the Philips Arena in Atlanta Sunday at 7.30 p.m. EST, Continue reading

Hulk Hogan: Forget The WWE, I Wanna Be Donald Trump’s Running Mate

Hulk Hogan has made a startling admission about his future. Forget about getting reinstated into the WWE, he wants to be Donald Trump‘s running mate.

The Hulkster recently cut ties with the WWE over his use of the N-word, but now he’s saying he wants to leapfrog wrestling and focus on making America great again.

donald trump hulk hogan running mate

First, the WWE thing … it’s been more than a month since Vince McMahon Continue reading

Brooke Hogan Comes To Hulk’s Defense With A POEM

On the heels of racist accusations, Hulk Hogan‘s daughter, Brooke Hogan released a poem in her father’s defense.

While some agree the poem is “touching,” others are calling it plain “childish.” Well, her friends do call her “Brooke Baby.”


“If you knew the dad I knew, you’d know his tender heart. He’d never want to hurt his fans, or family from the start. If you knew my father, you would know how hard he fought … and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.”

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Hulk Hogan FIRED From WWE Over THIS Racist Rant

WWE legend Hulk Hogan has been fired from his cushy legacy gig after audio emerged of the wrestler using the n-word multiple times.

The WWE issued a statement saying they are cutting ties with the Hall of Famer, completely scrubbing him from WWE website. *poof*


“WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). Continue reading