Kendra Wilkinson Divorcing Hank Baskett: Can’t Get Past His Transsexual Affair?

Kendra Wilkinson, 30, has been attempting to work on her marital issues with husband Hank Baskett, but now wants to end their six-year marriage following his 2014 affair with a transsexual model.

The former Playboy model girlfriend to Hugh Hefner appeared to be getting over the cheating scandal with the professional football player. But it appears the couple put on a happy face for their reality television series.

Kendra Wilkinson Divorcing Hank Baskett

An insider claims that Kendra mocks Hank and is “repulsed” by him. Continue reading

HANK WHO? Kendra Wilkinson CLOSES CLUB! Is She Moving On?

Kendra Wilkinson is still married to Hank Baskett, but if appearances are anything, it appears as though the woman has officially moved on with her life.

The drinks last night at Warwick were flowing until the wee hours of the morning as did Kendra as she partied like it was 1999.

Kendra Wilkinson divorce

Kendra spent the evening/morning drinking and dancing with a large group of friends at the owner’s table. The photo clearly shows her behind the velvet ropes in the middle of a rocking dance floor. Continue reading

Kendra Wilkinson Splash Karma? Quits Show Gets In Bad Wreck

Kendra Wilkinson cited the “chance” of her getting injured as her reason for letting every one down by quitting TV diving competition show, Splash.. But now the former adult star winds up all banged up anyway! And not from diving, but from a bad car wreck in LA! And her child was in the car as well..

Kendra Wilkinson breaks down in tears on Wife Swap after taking charge of Kate Gosselins eight children Kendra Wilkinson Splash Karma? Quits Show Gets In Bad Wreck

Wilkinson was taken to the hospital following a bad car accident in L.A.’s Tarzana neighborhood, Us Weekly can confirm. The Girls Next Door alum, 27, was spotted going into Providence Tarzana Medical Center early in the day on April 21. A source tells Wonderwall that Wilkinson — wife of former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett III and mom to son Hank Baskett IV, 3 — was “in shock” and “really sore” after the accident. Doctors examined her to determine what the damage was to her body and whether she had broken any bones, but it appears her injuries were not serious.

Incidentally, Wilkinson recently expressed fears about getting hurt on the ABC diving competition Splash, leading her to abandon the show earlier this month. “I’m so sorry, everybody. It’s bittersweet. One thing I don’t do is quit. This is the first time in my life I’ve quit something,” she said. “This will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

“Big mistake signing up for the show,” she tweeted later. “Sorry I let you all down.”

Come on Wilkinson! It’s not like this is your first mistake or your first apology..

For Some Reason, Kendra Wilkinson Feels Smart

Ex-Hugh Hefner girlfriend,Kendra Wilkinson, needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut sometimes. Apparently, she never watched an episode of herself on Girls Next Door, and seen the idiotic sayings that come out of her mouth, because she wouldn’t have said this:

‘Right now I think I’m the smartest I’ve ever been,’ she says in an interview with E!’s Daily 10 scheduled to air Monday. ‘I’m doing everything great now and everything perfect.’

‘Like with this taxes stuff,’ Wilkinson, 23, says. ‘I’m getting better at that. I’m making sure everything is a write-off. Every single thing.’ “

No matter how desperate I am to get my taxes done before Wednesday, I would never ask Kendra to do them. With comments like this, she souldn’t be surprised if the IRS comes knocking at her door  because she tried to write off dating Hugh Hefner.


Kendra Wilkinson Has Her Baby Names Picked Out

Popeater reports: (Feb. 27) – Even though the footage of Kendra Wilkinson and Hugh Hefner’s break-up won’t air until Sunday, the ‘Girls Next Door’ star is already taking about having kids with her new fiance, Hank Baskett. The couple won’t tie the knot until June, but they already have baby names picked out!

kendra wilkinson and hank baskett are engaged Kendra Wilkinson Has Her Baby Names Picked Out

“We always talk about [having kids],” Wilkinson told PEOPLE about her plans with fiance and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver. “He wants kids so [badly], and I do, too.”

Wilkinson even admitted they have a few baby names picked out. “My first initial is K and my middle name is Leigh, so we were thinking of Kaleigh,” she says. “And he’s Hank Baskett III, so of course I’m going to have a Hank Baskett IV!”

On March 1, viewers can watch the ‘Girls Next Door’ finale where Wilkinson ends her relationship with Hefner and tells him about her new beau.

“These five years of my life at the Playboy mansion just went by so fast,” Wilkinson says. “I’ve changed in positive ways. I think people were thinking I was going to take the wrong turn, go crazy, be a party girl and just go downhill. Instead, I’m settling down — but at the same time, I do want to still have fun!”

Before babies though, Wilkinson has to take care of her wedding, which she admits is “overwhelming”. Wilkinson is planning to have a “modern but classic fairytale” wedding.

“It’s going to be a wedding — not a Playboy mansion party,” she insists, adding that the ceremony will take place in the front yard of the estate and that her brother “will walk me down the aisle and give me away.”

Kendra shopping for her new house here: