Rayleigh Protection Facebook Group Founder “Terry Coppins” Killed In Canewdon UK BMW M6 Crash

RAYLEIGH, UK. (THECOUNT) — Police have identify a man who died following a collision in Canewdon as Terry Coppins of Rayleigh, UK.

The fatal single-vehicle accident occurred on Creeksea Ferry Road in Canewdon, when the BMW M6 Coppins was operating exited the roadway and crashed.

An unidentified 16-year-old girl who was also traveling in the vehicle at the time of the crash was transported to an area hospital for observation.

THECOUNT.com has learned, Coppins, 32, made local headlines in 2014 for founding the crimefighting Facebook community, “Rayleigh Protection Group.” Continue reading

WATCH: Sea Lion BITES Little Girl Tries To TAKE HER UNDER Water

VIA: A heart-stopping incident that was captured on video Saturday at a Vancouver area wharf is getting a lot of play on YouTube and Twitter.

The video, posted by Vancouver resident Michael Fujiwara, shows a sea lion suddenly pull a little girl into the water at Steveston Wharf in Richmond.

The marine mammal appears to have been drawn to the dock by adults who were reportedly throwing bread crumbs into the water.

At one point the sea lion swims near the dock where the people are gathered. The little girl then moves closer, sitting at the very edge of the wharf — and that’s when, in a split second, the sea lion jumps up, grabs her dress in its mouth and drags her into the water. Continue reading


NBC’s huge promo push for Lena Dunham‘s hosting of Saturday Night Live did not pay off as the program was the second lowest rated of the season..Lena-Dunham-snl

Last night, the Dunham-hosted SNL with musical guest The National averaged a 4.1 household rating in the metered markets and a 2.1 in adults 18-49 in the markets with Local People Meters. That was down 11% in households and down 19% in 18-49 from last week’s show hosted by Jim Parsons. Continue reading

Shocking Video: Jet Engine Blows Girl Into Cement Wall

Just steps away from Maho Beach, on the the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, lies Princess Juliana International Airport. Some people visit the area, to purposely await for jets to take off, so their bodies can be dangerously blown into mid-air.

Watch this video as people hang on for dear life on the fence, and see an unfortunate girl who gets catapulted into a cement wall from the power of a jet engine.

Continue reading

Teen Girl Obsessed with Looking Like a Doll

A 15-year-old girl who making waves on various news sites right now, is getting so much attention, because she simply looks like a plastic ‘living doll’.

This ‘living doll’ girl, who goes by the name of “Venus Angelic”, does not only make herself resemble a “modern ball-jointed doll” which is a popular doll in Japan, she even tries to talk like a Japanese person.

Angelic, who lives in London, England, makes ‘beauty tutorial’ videos on YouTube, and likes to share her ‘doll’ secrets with fans’, showing them ‘how they can look like a doll too’! She talks in this creepy little Japanese-esque doll voice, and explains how to apply makeup or do hair in different styles. Are you creeped out yet?

Speaking of creeps, Angelic is attracting older men persay, who like young doll-looking girls in skirts, as Angelic posted a picture of herself on Facebook, wearing a tiny little miniskirt. Angelic not only attracts creeps, but other young girls who are trying to resemble a doll too! Weird!

Apparently her Mom supports the whole thing too, as her Mom sits in on some of Angelic’s Q&As with fans. Her Mom also enables her lifestyle choice, by dying Angelic’s hair platinum blonde to look just like a doll.

Well, at least the girl found a niche to make money at such a young age, but we have to wonder if she is ‘serious’ about being a doll-like person, or if it’s just for fun?

First, here’s a photo of a ‘Ball Jointed Doll’ that resembles Angelic, then the photo of her Mom dying her hair platinum blonde, then see her video:

Video of doll chick here: