A 15-year-old girl who making waves on various news sites right now, is getting so much attention, because she simply looks like a plastic ‘living doll’.

This ‘living doll’ girl, who goes by the name of “Venus Angelic”, does not only make herself resemble a “modern ball-jointed doll” which is a popular doll in Japan, she even tries to talk like a Japanese person.


Angelic, who lives in London, England, makes ‘beauty tutorial’ videos on YouTube, and likes to share her ‘doll’ secrets with fans’, showing them ‘how they can look like a doll too’! She talks in this creepy little Japanese-esque doll voice, and explains how to apply makeup or do hair in different styles. Are you creeped out yet?

Speaking of creeps, Angelic is attracting older men persay, who like young doll-looking girls in skirts, as Angelic posted a picture of herself on Facebook, wearing a tiny little miniskirt. Angelic not only attracts creeps, but other young girls who are trying to resemble a doll too! Weird!

Apparently her Mom supports the whole thing too, as her Mom sits in on some of Angelic’s Q&As with fans. Her Mom also enables her lifestyle choice, by dying Angelic’s hair platinum blonde to look just like a doll.

Well, at least the girl found a niche to make money at such a young age, but we have to wonder if she is ‘serious’ about being a doll-like person, or if it’s just for fun?

First, here’s a photo of a ‘Ball Jointed Doll’ that resembles Angelic, then the photo of her Mom dying her hair platinum blonde, then see her video:

Video of doll chick here: