Teen Girl Obsessed with Looking Like a Doll

A 15-year-old girl who making waves on various news sites right now, is getting so much attention, because she simply looks like a plastic ‘living doll’.

This ‘living doll’ girl, who goes by the name of “Venus Angelic”, does not only make herself resemble a “modern ball-jointed doll” which is a popular doll in Japan, she even tries to talk like a Japanese person.

Angelic, who lives in London, England, makes ‘beauty tutorial’ videos on YouTube, and likes to share her ‘doll’ secrets with fans’, showing them ‘how they can look like a doll too’! She talks in this creepy little Japanese-esque doll voice, and explains how to apply makeup or do hair in different styles. Are you creeped out yet?

Speaking of creeps, Angelic is attracting older men persay, who like young doll-looking girls in skirts, as Angelic posted a picture of herself on Facebook, wearing a tiny little miniskirt. Angelic not only attracts creeps, but other young girls who are trying to resemble a doll too! Weird!

Apparently her Mom supports the whole thing too, as her Mom sits in on some of Angelic’s Q&As with fans. Her Mom also enables her lifestyle choice, by dying Angelic’s hair platinum blonde to look just like a doll.

Well, at least the girl found a niche to make money at such a young age, but we have to wonder if she is ‘serious’ about being a doll-like person, or if it’s just for fun?

First, here’s a photo of a ‘Ball Jointed Doll’ that resembles Angelic, then the photo of her Mom dying her hair platinum blonde, then see her video:

Video of doll chick here:

Hot or Not? Kim Kardashian Blonde at Teen Choice Awards-She’s Not Wiggin’ Out This Time

Kim Kardashian has wanted to be a blonde, or something different from her dark shade for so long! For at least the past 6 months, she’s been experimenting with different types of wigs. She would put a wig on, take a picture, and then post it to her website for people to see. Results from the public flooded in. It seemed like people were not into her changing her hair color. I never thought it was that big of a deal, but a lot of Kim fans and haters did think it was a big deal. Looks like she did what she wanted this time! I like it! I think she looks really pretty :) Go Kim! HOT

Kim Kardashian at 2009 Teen Choice

Kim Kardashian at 2009 Teen Choice

Bob Barker’s New Biography ‘Priceless Memories’ Out Now

Bob Barker

Bob Barker

Bob Barker, the beloved former ‘Price is Right’ host recently released his new biography “Priceless Memories”. I just learned that Bob made a comeback appearance on the Price is Right last month to promote the book. This is new to me! Here’s a few things I learned…
These 4 topics are said to be in his book:

* He’s A War Hero And Hoopster. Before he ever got shot by a camera, Bobby B. practiced dodging bullets while training to be a Navy fighter pilot during WWII. [Bookpage] And he shot hoops on a basketball scholarship at Drury College in Missouri. [Drury.edu]

* He’s A Rebel With A Cause. After decades of coloring his hair to fit game show host standards, in 1997 Bob publicly dissed the dye as it was tested on little furry animals. After 51 years on television, he was mighty silver by the end. Now, he’s credited with trail-blazing the gray trend for TV men. [Answers]

* He Hearts Animals. Bob credits Dorothy Jo, his high school sweetheart-turned-wife of 36 years, for inspiring him to become a vegetarian. After 20 years, he quit hosting the Miss USA pageants when they refused to remove fur prizes. [People]

* He’s A Lover And A Fighter. Chuck Norris trained Bob Barker in karate. [Next Round] Barker jumped at the chance to show off his skills and beat the crap out of Adam Sandler in “Happy Gilmore.” [imdb]

Thefrisky.com put together a humorous list of ‘what they think will be in his new book also’:

  • “He’s Been Accused Of Sexual Harassment. Going by names, you’d assume the perv on the show would be announcer Rod Roddy. But in 1994, Dian Parkinson filed a sexual harassment suit against Barker, saying she was forced to hook up with him in order to keep her job emoting for Showcase Showdowns. Bob admitted they had some “hanky-panky” but that Dian left the show because of a catfight with fellow Barker’s Beauty Janice Pennington. [Hard Copy] — Yuck. Let’s call a spade a spade. And I’m not talking about pet neutering.
  • He Likes His Beauties Skinny. Bob Barker fired spokesmodel Holly Hallstrom when she gained 14 pounds while taking a new medication. [Today Show] — Forget the weight, it’s clear who’s the biggest loser.
  • And He’s Allegedly Racist. In 2005, Bob Barker retired early—on the same day African-American model Debbie Curling resigned. Coincidence? I think not! Ms. Curling filed a civil rights suit against the host after he allegedly limited the number of black guests and made racist remarks on the set. Rumor has it after that CBS finally kicked Barker to the curb. [Pop Crunch] — L8R H8R!

Miley Cyrus’ Secret 17 Year Old Brother Revealed

Chris Cyrus

Chris Cyrus

This is Christopher Cyrus. Miley Cyrus’ half brother! They both share the same father who is Billy Ray Cyrus. Christopher lives in Fort Worth Texas with his mother Kristin Luckey, who was seeing Billy at the time of her pregnancy with Christopher. But then Billy split just before she gave birth to Christopher. Billy then got a woman named ‘Tish’ pregnant in Kentucky, and then Tish gave birth to Miley.
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