Christina Pascucci ‘You Are So Hot’

The guys may have had a point, but his timing could not have been worse! Or maybe he had perfect timing! It depends on your current alcohol consumption.

Christina Pascucci was live-reporting from West Hollywood’s annual gay pride parade when a man stepped into frame to inform the reporter that she was, “SO f**king hot!”

Christina Pascucci hot ktla

What do you guys think about Pascucci? Hot? Or swap? Comment below!

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DAMAGE CONTROL Mike Wallace Tweets Explanation Of Homophobic Remarks

So Mike Wallace is apparently homophobic and living in an alternate universe because dude thinks this follow-up tweet is going to do anything to help him regain respect among gay and lesbian people.. I know some of them and believe you me, they can also be pretty brutal in the comments department.. Anyway, speaking of comments, I wouldn’t want to be the guy taking THAT call from Coach later!

mike wallace follow up tweet

And for all of you rip roaring ready to say that Wallace is entitled to his opinion, you’re not taking into account the guy is a millionaire, employed to do two things, stay quiet and play football..

Surreal Video: Paris Jackson High School Cheer Debut

Introducing Paris Jackson – high school cheerleader… This video seems kind of strange and it’s not that the “cheering” is very low energy, or that anything weird happens in particular or that the subject matter in general is strange, I’m not sure exactly what it is that’s wonky – but wait – could it be? Could all this weirdness be coming from the fact that one of these young cheerleaders is the daughter of Michael Fricken Jackson? Um okay, yeah that’s it… Continue reading