Madonna DESTROYS Lady Gaga In New Song: COPYCAT WANNABE!

Madonna pulls no punches in her new song, calling Lady Gaga a “copycat” and a “wannabe,” ouch.

Madge, who is no fan of the Gaga, leaked track from her new album showing the hate river runs deep.

The lyrics for Madge’s new tune “Two Steps Behind Me” surfaced online the other day, and the 56-year-old singer puts Gaga on full blast, accusing her of imitating her signature style. Madonna sings:

“You’re a copycat, where is my royalty? / You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that / But stealing my recipe, it’s an ugly look / Did you study me hard enough? / You’re never gonna be, you’re just a wannabe me / Like a sister all messed-up, who’s gonna help you out? / In your fantasy, you can try it all / But you can’t be me / You can walk the walk, even talk the talk / But you’ll always be two steps behind me.” source

It’s not confirmed whether the track will make the final cut, but a source tells The Sun that it’s definitely about Gaga. “They’re very harsh lyrics, but Madonna really wants to express herself again,” the insider says.

Lady Gaga Leak: Iconic Photo Photoshopped

Lady Gaga is involved in a new Photoshop scandal involving her shoot with renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino..

lady gaga photoshop

The photoshopped images have changed the colour of Gaga’s skin and have also added ribs to make her appear more skinny. As someone who has publicly spoken out about her battle with anorexia and bulimia, as well as her disdain for photoshopping in the media, it would be a shame to think Gaga had asked for this to be photoshopped in. source

Lady Gaga is yet to comment..

Lady Gaga Charity Spends $1.5M NONE Of It On Needy

Celebrities probably shouldn’t start charitable foundations, especially ones that don’t give said monies to the folks that they were intended..LadyGaga-PokerFace-490x330

The latest federal tax report is in for Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Foundation, and it’s not good news. Despite spending $348,000 in 2012 on their outreach bus tour, the Born this Way Foundation otherwise managed to fritter away around $1.5 million on legal fees, publicity, and a website. Continue reading


Lady Gaga and her family owned eatery called Joanne Trattoria in Manhattan – just got slapped with a staggering 42 health code violation points, earning the dirty diner the dreaded “C” Grade. An excess of 28 violation points earns a “C” grade, putting Gaga at almost DOUBLE the lowest grade issued by city officials – there is no lower grade.

The “C” grade is displayed on a placard in the window of the establishment for an undetermined amount of time. The bad grade basically turns away most potential eaters which usually always spells “the end” for Gotham restaurants.

Gaga might be able to forestall the placement of the bad grade by appealing to the city’s Health Tribunal, while the issues are in appeal, the restaurant would be allows to display a “Grade Pending” placard.

Sanitary violations included:

* Food not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.

* Personal cleanliness inadequate. Outer garment soiled with possible contaminant. Effective hair restraint not worn in an area where food is prepared.

* Food worker does not use proper utensil to eliminate bare hand contact with food that will not receive adequate additional heat treatment.

* Food contact surface not properly washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any activity when contamination may have occurred.

The SmokingGun says:

The restaurant–operated by Gaga’s parents Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta–was first inspected in early-March, when it racked up 31 violation points (good for a “C” rating). But a March 23 reinspection found only 12 violation points, barely qualiying the Italian restaurant for an “A” grade (which is awarded to eateries with less than 14 violation points).

On March 25, a photo was posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page showing two employees posing with the “A” certificate. The image was captioned, “We received our A grade from the NYC Department of Health!”

She’s Got Brittany Murphy Eyes – Lady Gaga Looking Weary in Hong Kong

Lady Gaga snapped a picture of herself for Twitter today, after leaving a spinning class at a gym. She tweeted, “Exhausted after Hong Kong spin class! I love this city, you can work out & buy a fake Birkin on the same street.”By the looks of her picture she took just after the sweaty class, Gaga wears a wig, big eyeliner and lipstick whilst working out. Continue reading