R.I.P. Diesel Police Dog Killed By ISIS In Paris Raid

Animal lovers and law enforcement worldwide are mourning the loss of Diesel, the police dog who was killed during the anti-terrorism raids in a Paris suburb.

French authorities say Diesel was killed by ISIS terrorists in the Saint-Denis raids. Police were targeting the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks and as a result, raided Saint-Denis apartments.

diesel paris raids

Officials say Diesel was one of many assault and explosives search dogs used in raids and these animals are “indispensable” when it comes to the operations of these raids. Continue reading

REPORT: ISIS Using “Support Paris” Photos To Target Families

A claim is being circulated via the internet saying that ISIS is using “support Paris” Facebook avatars and other filtered photos to track and target the military and their families.

On the heels of the attacks on Paris, the popular photo filter, which converts regular avatars to include the colors of france, is reportedly being used by terrorists to identify service men and women was well as their families.

france facebook filter targets isis families

Take down your ‘support Paris’ profile pic because ISIS is now using it to track military families. Continue reading

It’s Nervious Time For Muslims Living In France

On the heels of Friday’s terrorism strikes in Paris, some Muslims, mostly residing in the suburbs, fear the possibility that some might view them as the enemy.

French officials admitted to deploying enhanced scrutiny measures of mosques claiming the houses of worship could be utilized to harbor Muslim radicals.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.24.33 PM

The state of emergency declaration Friday gives the government the authority to “act quickly” against “those who preach hatred in France.”

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Attackers Heard Screaming “Allahu Akbar” During Paris Terror Rampage

Muslims have been threatening to attack Paris again, and now it may have happened as reports from the bloody scene say screams of “Allahu akbar” (God is great) and “This is for Syria” were overheard.

As the massive death-toll rises beyond 60, demands are already being issued for Western governments to start revising their jihad-enabling policies.

muslim paris terror attack

Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” murder at least 35 60, take 100 hostages,” by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, November 13 Continue reading

60 DEAD In Paris Terror Attack 100 Hostages Taken

UPDATE: At least 100 people have reportedly been killed in the French concert hall. Paris has been rocked by a terror attack after in the heart of the city leaving at least 60 dead tonight. The dead were said to be attending a Eagles of Death Metal concert.

Two explosions were heard near the Stade de France sports stadium and a machine gun fire took place at the Paris Bataclan concert hall. Terrorists are said to be holding at least 100 people hostage. FRENCH LIVE STREAM ENGLISH LANGUAGE

paris terror attack

It is thought that at least eleven died in the restaurant, close to where the Charlie Hebdo shootings occurred in January Continue reading

French Train Hero Spencer Stone Stabbed In Sacramento

Spencer Stone, was stabbed and seriously injured after being attacked in Sacramento on Wednesday night.

The U.S. Air Force confirmed, Airman First Class Stone, who was one of three Americans who helped foil a terror attack on a French train in August, was in the hospital in stable condition on Thursday.

Spencer Stone stabbed 2

“He is alive and in stable condition at this time,” the spokesperson said. “We do not have any information as to the events preceding the incident.” Continue reading

Jon Voight NOT INVITED To Jolie Pitt Wedding

Angelina Jolie apparently still has a bone to pick with her father, Jon Voight, after painfully not inviting him to her clandestine wedding. Voight commented that he learned of the union, like the rest of us, from news reports.

Jolie finally got married to Brad Pitt, missing was her father to walk her down the aisle. Sons Pax and Maddox walked her down the aisle according to a spokesman.

jon voight angelina jolie

Voight was honored just this weekend for the Emmy Awards being nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a drama for “Ray Donovan.”

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Vet 90 Goes MIA From Rest Home Shows Up In France For V-Day

90-year-old war veteran Bernard Jordan made his way to France to commemorate the D-Day landings, that is after secretly slipping out of his old folks home.

The former Royal Navy officer told ITV tonight that he hoped he would not be in trouble when he returned.


Jordan was reported missing last night by staff at The Pines care home in Hove, Sussex, after embarking on his cross-channel trip for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Continue reading