On the heels of Friday’s terrorism strikes in Paris, some Muslims, mostly residing in the suburbs, fear the possibility that some might view them as the enemy.

French officials admitted to deploying enhanced scrutiny measures of mosques claiming the houses of worship could be utilized to harbor Muslim radicals.


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The state of emergency declaration Friday gives the government the authority to “act quickly” against “those who preach hatred in France.”

“Of course we are scared,” said one worshiper at the Evry-Courcouronnes mosque, an ethnically diverse community full of low-rise public housing about 20 miles south of the center of Paris. “We didn’t choose for this to happen. The people who carried out the murders were not Muslim, they were not fanatics, they were assassins. But not everyone sees that.” h/t latimes

Far-right leaning National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, boldly called on fellow citizens to “annihilate Islamist fundamentalism” and to “take back control.”

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