It’s Nervious Time For Muslims Living In France

On the heels of Friday’s terrorism strikes in Paris, some Muslims, mostly residing in the suburbs, fear the possibility that some might view them as the enemy.

French officials admitted to deploying enhanced scrutiny measures of mosques claiming the houses of worship could be utilized to harbor Muslim radicals.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.24.33 PM

The state of emergency declaration Friday gives the government the authority to “act quickly” against “those who preach hatred in France.”

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Islamist Terrorists Holding 13 Hostages In Sydney Cafe

Islamist terrorists have taken 13 hostages at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney.

Hostages are being forced to stand at the cafe’s window holding the glass windows. Others were seen holding up a black flag with Arabic writing on it.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney hostages

“All we can confirm at this time is that there is a police operation taking place at Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District). Continue reading

Photos: Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace?

Okay, so Lindsay Lohan still has the role for the upcoming biopic of ex (censored) star “Deep Throat” Linda Lovelace-according to the “Inferno” Director Matthew Wilder. There was a rumor that Lohan was getting replaced since she was in jail and now in rehab, and the shooting was supossed to start in August. I guess the production is going to have to wait for about 3 months to start shooting now.

Here are the shots (below) that Lohan’s friend and photographer Tyler Sheilds took of Lohan as Lovelace, in a dingy hotel, in the valley a few months ago. She really fits the part don’t you think?

It is unclear if Muse Productions, who is producing Inferno, commissioned Sheilds to shoot Lohan as Lovelace, or if Lohan wanted to do the shoot on her own (She’s fun like that!)?? I think Sheilds is commissioned as the photographer for Inferno, and they just couldn’t wait to shoot some promo photos for the film that hasn’t even started yet. If Sheilds doesn’t work for Muse-he should! Their work goes hand in hand.

I went to, and he confirmed that the pictures are in fact of ‘Lohan as Lovelace’, and he just put the rest of the photos out of Lohan because people kept asking him to see them-they’ve been bothering him since May when the Inferno poster came out.

If rehab does make Lindsay right, will she still have the pizazz to play Lovelace when she gets out? To channel Lovelace might set Lindsay backwards…

She does look perfect for the role though!

Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets a Job and Goes Blonde!

Miss ‘popular searched on Google’ Lindsay Lohan was caught by paparazzi while doing a photo shoot for Spanish Vogue magazine. Uhhh…Beavis? Why ‘Spanish’ Vogue? And why Lindsay? She’s obviously not Spanish!
Oh fine! Let’s all be happy and give her round of applause for finally getting that job she’s been begging for.

Lindsay reads Vogue, see why!
lindsay lohan1 Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets a Job and Goes Blonde!