A claim is being circulated via the internet saying that ISIS is using “support Paris” Facebook avatars and other filtered photos to track and target the military and their families.

On the heels of the attacks on Paris, the popular photo filter, which converts regular avatars to include the colors of france, is reportedly being used by terrorists to identify service men and women was well as their families.


france facebook filter targets isis families

Take down your ‘support Paris’ profile pic because ISIS is now using it to track military families.

A post from a FB friend came across my feed today: ‘I’ve been told by a very well informed military connection to pull your “support Paris” profile picture if you haven’t already. Please pass the word. It was presented as part of their morning briefing.’ Where this originated, or from whom is not given. When asked for details the original poster responded: ‘I’m not sure of the details but a landlocked Marine/Naval installation was briefed this morning to remove them.’ The reason is that -somehow- ISIS/DAESH is using the ‘support Paris’ pic to identify/track members of the military and families. h/t snopes

On 16 November 2015, a Facebook user published the above-reproduced warning to the group “Military Mama Network.” According to the individual who shared it, “a landlocked Marine/Naval installation” was briefed on 16 November 2015 regarding Facebook profile photo filters presenting a security threat, and they were warned to remove the French flag from profile images lest ISIS track the families of military members to their homes and harm them.