Video Shows Anthony Joshua Directly After Charles Martin Knockout


The Youtube description goes on to say:

Video Shows Anthony Joshua Right After Charles Martin Knockout

“ was on hand at the O2 Arena in London, England where undefeated hard-hitting heavyweight Anthony Joshua knocked out former champion Charles Martin to capture the IBF title. Check out the scene as Joshua showed sportsmanship to Martin prior to celebrating his victory!”

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Mariah Carey Cancels Brussels Concert Over Terror Fears

Mariah Carey has announced she is “pulling the plug” on her birthday concert in Brussels in the wake of the terrorist attacks, reports TMZ.

Mariah was scheduled to perform a concert in Brussels on Easter Sunday, which also falls on the singer’s 46th birthday, but for now, those plans have been put on ice.

Mariah Carey Sings LIVE All I Want For Christmas

She says, “I am being advised to cancel my show for the safety of my fans, my band, crew and everyone involved with the tour.” Continue reading

Fingerprints Of Paris Fugitive Salah Abdeslam Found In Brussels Terror Raid

UPDATE: Fugitive terror suspect Salah Abdeslam was captured on Friday during a police operation in Brussels, judicial sources told Belgian newspaper De Standaard. The fingerprints of Salah Abdeslam, one of the most wanted men in Europe for his role in the Paris attacks, were discovered by police after they raided a residence in Brussels on Tuesday.

The anti-terror operation ended in a shootout that left one suspect dead this week, but now Belgian officials say Abdeslam may be one of the people that escaped.

Salah Abdeslam drugs

Police have been on the hunt for 26-year-old Brussel’s native Abdeslam for months after he fled Paris following the attacks. Continue reading

On The Run Fugitive Paris Terrorist Fan of Drugs Gay Bars

Salah Abdeslam, the Paris terrorist who is on the run and the subject of a manhunt in Belgium, is apparently known for his fondness of gay bars and drugs.

Abdeslam, whose brother died in the Paris attacks, had a yet unknown role in the November 13th atrocities, but is believed to have rented one of the cars used to taxi the jihadis to and from their targets.

Salah Abdeslam gay

But despite his involved in a radical Islamic terrorist attack, regulars at a Brussels gay bar told the UK’s Sunday Times that Abdeslam was also a regular. Continue reading

REPORT: ISIS Using “Support Paris” Photos To Target Families

A claim is being circulated via the internet saying that ISIS is using “support Paris” Facebook avatars and other filtered photos to track and target the military and their families.

On the heels of the attacks on Paris, the popular photo filter, which converts regular avatars to include the colors of france, is reportedly being used by terrorists to identify service men and women was well as their families.

france facebook filter targets isis families

Take down your ‘support Paris’ profile pic because ISIS is now using it to track military families. Continue reading

Names Of Oregon College Shooting Victims Released

Here’s the list of victims from the horror Oregon college shooting. The people who were killed ranged in age from 18 to 67 and included eight students and a teacher.

Authorities released the names, ages and limited information on the nine victims at a Friday news conference.

Lucas Eibel oregon college victim

1. Lucero Alcaraz of Roseburg — 19 years old.

2. Quinn Glen Cooper of Roseburg — 18 years old. Continue reading

Who Is Axelle Despiegelaere? And How Did She Land And Lose A Modeling Contract?

Belgian teen, Axelle Despiegelaere landed a modeling contract after being caught by TV cameras during the World Cup and since then it has all fallen apart.

Despiegelaere, 17, lost her deal after pictures of her with a dead animal sparked outrage on social media. The caption to the photo was equally disturbing..

Axelle Despiegelaere 4

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U.S. Goalkeeper Sets All-Time Record For Saves

The US may have lost their bid for a World Cup but the heartbreaking loss had a silver lining for the U.S.

Goalkeeper Tim Howard made an astonishing 16 saves on goal, the most on record in a World Cup match.

Tim Howard 2

Belgium managed to sneak in two goals in the 120-minute game to beat the U.S. 2-1, but Howard’s performance didn’t go unnoticed. As one ESPN announcer put it, “he does not deserve to be on the losing side.” The New Jersey native quickly became a fan favorite, for his remarkable skills as a goalie and for his signature beard. Continue reading


While Beyonce is away on tour, her hubby Jay Z has been playing! And not just any game, the rapper has been playing the banging beautiful models game and with a award winning blonde model named, Claudia Scheelen..

Who really knows whether or not Jay Z’s marriage is on the rocks, but one thing is for sho, the entrepreneur spent time with the beauty queen in Belgium, buying the woman $8,000 worth of Ace Of Spades champagne.
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Woman Devoured In Minutes by Vultures After Fall

A 52-year-old woman hiking in France was devoured by vultures after tripping and falling down a 300m cliffside. It happened in front of her shocked friends on Pic de la Pista, in southern France, gendarmerie Major Didier Pericou told The Times of London.


“There were only bones, clothes and shoes left,” after the vultures got to her, Pericou said. “They took 45 to 50 minutes to eat the body. It is established that she died in the fall,” he said. “When we first went out in the helicopter looking for the body, we saw numerous vultures without realising what they were doing.”

The incident has sparked a campaign against the birds, known as Griffon vultures. French farmers complain of the vultures attacking livestock since new regulations have forced breeders to burn the bodies of dead animals, depriving the Griffon population of their normal diet. UPI Continue reading