Salah Abdeslam, the Paris terrorist who is on the run and the subject of a manhunt in Belgium, is apparently known for his fondness of gay bars and drugs.

Abdeslam, whose brother died in the Paris attacks, had a yet unknown role in the November 13th atrocities, but is believed to have rented one of the cars used to taxi the jihadis to and from their targets.


Salah Abdeslam gay

But despite his involved in a radical Islamic terrorist attack, regulars at a Brussels gay bar told the UK’s Sunday Times that Abdeslam was also a regular. One bartender said that Abdeslam was there so often and flirted with so many other men, they figured he must have been a male prostitute. h/t mediaite

Salah Abdeslam disguise

Abdeslam was also known for smoking pot and playing video games. His brother, Brahim Abdeslam, was one of the suicide bombers during the Paris attacks.