Walking Dead Actor: ENOUGH With Testing Cosmetics On Animals!

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, is speaking out against companies who still perform cosmetics testing on defenseless animals.

Reedus, along with Cruelty Free International, is encouraging cosmetics users to call for an end to the testing of those products on animals.

Norman Reedus ban animal testing

“Scores of countries around the world are beating the US to become cruelty-free by banning cosmetics tests on animals. Continue reading

REPORT: Paramount HACKED Over Proposed TEAM AMERICA Showings

EXCLUSIVE: A VERY reliable source for THECOUNT.COM has informed us that Paramount Pictures‘ computer network was HACKED today! In what is being called a “glitch,” the hack affected security systems that clear people onto the Paramount lot. This could be the reason that the studio suddenly changed their minds about showing Team America in theaters as a proposed replacement for The Interview!

Paramount took the “glitch” as a warning sign from hackers and promptly CANCELED ALL showings of Team America, World Police!

Kim Jong il Team America the interview

OUR SOURCE SAYS: So a birdy told me that when they (studio workers) came to clock in and go through security at Paramount around 7 am, the computers were “jumbled” and security couldn’t get in the system to clear the workers. Continue reading

Mark Brunett ‘Weird Things Happened Filming The Bible’

Mark Brunett‘s five-part miniseries The Bible crushed the competition with the first installment last Sunday garnering a HUGE 13.1 million viewership, making it cable’s most-watched entertainment telecast so far this year.

Burnett, who produced the mini-series with wife Roma Downey, predicts The Bible will be his most watched production of all-time stating confidently, “It will be, over the next 40 or 50 years, the most watched thing that Roma and I have ever made,” he told EW then covering a subject we didn’t expect!

“I really believe what I’m going to tell you right now,” he said. “The hand of God was on this…. the edit came together perfectly, the actors came together perfectly, it just comes to life. Weird things happened during filming,” he said. “Everybody would look at each other like, “Whoa.”

Mark Burnett, Roma Downey

So what were these ‘weird things‘ happening on set of biblical proportions?

A mighty desert wind
“There’s a scene with Jesus and Nicodemus, when Nicodemus comes to Jesus in the night. It’s a very still night, not a breath of wind, and we’re on the edge of the Sahara desert in a palm grove in an oasis… Jesus says, ‘The Holy Spirit is like the wind.’ At that moment, a wind, like as if a 747 was taking off, blew his hair, almost blew the set over and sustained for 20 seconds across the desert, and the actors didn’t break — they kept going. And everything stopped. Everyone just looked at everyone like, ‘What just happened?’”

The missing frock
“We had hundreds of craftsmen working [on making costumes], and the most important costume was Jesus’ costume. Every time, at the end of the day, the costumes got to be taken away to be maintained. So when we were doing the baptism scenes, it’s completely immersed in water. During it, a portion of the costume came away. We shot this in a giant reservoir on the edge of the Sahara desert, so we’re never going to find this again. It’s really bad. Every time you lose something, you’ve got five months ahead, and you can’t replicate these costumes. Four days later, a kid showed up from many, many, many miles away, who had been seeking us through the desert to return this to us. He didn’t know what it was why he should seek us, but he felt he had to return it.”

Cobras at the cross
“We had a snake wrangler every day on the set. I mean, we’ve got a couple hundred people shooting, and we can’t afford to have people getting bitten by snakes. Every day, this guy would find a snake or maybe two snakes, and remove them. On the day of the crucifixion, a lot of people prayed. The cross was a huge thing. They prayed [for safety], ‘Imagine if this cross fell. The actor playing Jesus could be killed or badly injured.’ The snake man came to work that day — he’d gotten there early on the mountain playing Golgotha, and the bag of snakes [he was carrying] was the biggest bag I’d ever seen. He came to my wife and said, ‘Miss Roma, there were 48 snakes.’ He found 48 cobras and vipers hidden within the rocks around the cross.”

BAD TIMING? TLC Debutes New Show ‘Best Funeral Ever’

TLC, the same network that brought you “Honey Boo Boo,” has picked worst time ever to launch their new show, Best Funeral Ever

Airing on Dec. 26, one day after Christmas, the one-time special with options to be picked up, will go behind the scenes of the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, described as a “unique funeral home.”

Yahoo News has reported on extravagant funeral options, including a $35,000 gold-plated coffin. But this is the first we’ve heard of a funeral home creating scenarios in which the deceased can (kind of) slam dunk a basketball, which Beckwith says is another one of its potential services.

“We do not have generic funerals,” Beckwith tells a family attending a memorial planning session. “Everybody’s experience has to be different.”

In a clip for the show, Beckwith says Golden Gate’s services are based on the tradition of homegoing funerals, which have their roots in the African-American community and are constructed as a more vibrant and positive occasion than some traditional funerals.

(When the singer Whitney Houston passed away, her family sent out invitations that said the services would be done in the style of a homegoing.)

“We’re going to make these families extremely happy at the worst moments of their lives,” Beckwith told EW.

Personally, I think this is an awful show premise, especially during tough times and a already berated holiday season…

Girls SHAVE HEAD in ‘Bald For Bieber’ Cancer Hoax

This is probably a hoax, but that did not stop a bunch of girls from going “Bald For Bieber,” shaving their heads in support of Justin Bieber’s FAKE health scare!



My mom always said that the most dangerous lies are the ones mixed with truth. That’s why the internet, namely Twitter, can be such a spurious environment. We sometimes forget that with the real-time, viral benefits of the short-winded social network come the same negative effects. Truth can spread like wildfire, and so can lies.

Today, the Bieber nation has learned that lesson. Behold, dear readers, the horror.

The story goes that Entertainment Weekly’s verified Twitter account tweeted out the following:

“Pop Star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support.”

Justin apparently responded back saying thanks for the support, and a picture of the Twitter conversation along with two images of bald Bieber fans started making its way on the internet.

In reality, 4chan was trolling Beliebers. There were no tweets to begin with, and there definitely isn’t any cancer. 4chan peeps simply photoshopped together an image and sent it out into the world.

Unfortunately now, there are likely dozens of bald tweenage girls crying in their bathrooms. And it’s perhaps even more insane that most members of the Bieber nation still believe that Justin has cancer, and are pouring sympathy, condolences, and heartfelt love into the #baldforbeiber hashtag, despite the fact that the other half of that Twitter conversation is lawling over the hoax.

We’ve seen this type of Twitter misuse cause problems before. Morgan Freeman and his delicious voice were rumored to be dead, and that NJ girl scared the crap out of everyone when she said there was an invader in her house on Twitter. (Really, she just was running away from home.)

In any case, this should serve as an excellent reminder to all of us. Just because you read it on Twitter, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Star Of Showtime Series “Weeds” Admits “I’ve Never Smoked Weed”

HBO’s series “Weeds” is a about a mother who sells pot to support her family, so you would expect the star to have some experience on the subject, but no.

“I’ve never smoked it,” Says Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker.

Mary-Louise is telling reporters that recently a fan handed her a bag of pot. “I went to see the musical Fela!,” she says, “and at the curtain call someone came up and handed me a bag.”

Okay so you are a method actor, we get that, but you never, ever, ever, ever smoked weed? In this day in age? And you grow up to star in a show called Weeds and it is about smoking weed? What the hell are the odds!

Johnny Depp Brings Painting to Life Through Lone Ranger Character Tonto

Johnny Depp admits that he didn’t come up with his ‘Lone Ranger’ character Tonto’s looks on his own. Depp says he basically took the entire look from something already in existence.
Depp let the cat out of the bag, and tells the world that he got the idea for Tonto’s looks from a painting. The painting he is talking about, is by artist Kirby Sattler, and it’s a painting of a Native American man. The painting is named “I Am Crow”. Continue reading

Farewell McDreamy?

patrick dempsey Farewell McDreamy?

In the new edition of the Italian Vanity Fair, Patrick Dempsey states, “I do not know what’s going to happen to the other characters, but for me it’s done.” He added that leaving the show is “bittersweet because it’s been a great great part of my life. But I can’t see doing it anymore.” However his publicist clarified that although his contract is up at the end of next season, they simply just have no idea what is in store for Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Patrick Dempsey to be in Transformers 3

Paramount just announced today, that Patrick Dempsey a.k.a. “McDreamy”, is signed on to Transformers 3! Not many details have been released except that Dempsey will be ‘playing Megan Fox’s boss and his role is very “significant to the plot’.

Wonder if Dempsey and Fox will have a love connection!? Hmmm I wonder if Dempsey is going to play ’soft guy’ or ‘warrior man’?? Cuzzz he seems like McSofty most of the time…

Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart Video Kinda Boring

News broke late yesterday that Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane was in a leaked video with his wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart, and model Kari Ann Peniche.  The full video will be released later today.  However, from what we’ve seen, the term video seems a bit inappropriate.  More appropriate would have been the term “boring video of three friends wandering around stoned”.  But I guess that doesn’t have the same enticing charm, does it?

The video (well, the parts I’ve seen anyway) has the Grey’s star, his wife and Ms. Peniche in a few forms of undress.  They discuss their would-be porn names, flop into a hot tub and roll around on a bed.  And they’re all obviously stoned.  Fun times.  While there is nudity, there appears to be no actual sex.  Perhaps the real juicy parts will be released today but I have a sneaking suspicion there are none.  That’s good news for the parties involved, who are already trying to get the video offline. Attorney Mark Singer made this comment late Monday:

“This is simply a private, consensual moment involving a married couple, shot several years ago, which was never intended to be seen by the public.  Although the participants are nude, the tape is not a ’video.’ It is a private tape made for only my clients’ personal use, and nobody has the right to exploit it. If anyone exploits the tape, they will be violating my clients’ rights and will be exposed to significant liability.”

We’ll see where this story goes after the entire video is leaked online.