EXCLUSIVE: A VERY reliable source for THECOUNT.COM has informed us that Paramount Pictures‘ computer network was HACKED today! In what is being called a “glitch,” the hack affected security systems that clear people onto the Paramount lot. This could be the reason that the studio suddenly changed their minds about showing Team America in theaters as a proposed replacement for The Interview!

Paramount took the “glitch” as a warning sign from hackers and promptly CANCELED ALL showings of Team America, World Police!


Kim Jong il Team America the interview

OUR SOURCE SAYS: So a birdy told me that when they (studio workers) came to clock in and go through security at Paramount around 7 am, the computers were “jumbled” and security couldn’t get in the system to clear the workers. Security started just letting people in anyway.

Then around 11am the story was broke that Paramount announced their movie Team America will NOT play.

The thought is, is that hackers came after paramount due to the revolt to show Team America in place of The Interview.

Paramount has made no mention of being hacked or being threatened – but the incident with security seems clearly tied to the studio’s decision to cancel Team America.