Donald Sterling V. Stiviano HOOK UP!

Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano reunited. Yes, you read that right.

Stiviano was spotted at Sterling’s Beverly Hills mansion today, by of all people, Shelly Sterling, who showed up and promptly called BHPD in an effort to have Stiviano removed, but because it was a voluntary reunion, she was allowed to stay, Shelly, not so much.

don sterling still dating v.

Police officers responded … and spoke to Donald and Stiviano. One source tells us V. was an “invited” guest, so … no break-in, and no arrests. Continue reading

Donald Sterling Estranged Wife SPEAKS

Donald Sterling’s estranged wife Shelly is speaking out in the press expressing that she does NOT share the racist views of her husband. She goes on to say that Donald’s comments were, despicable and prejudices.


Shelly has been estranged from Donald for years.  She’s retained attorney Laura Wasser several months ago to file a civil lawsuit against Donald’s GF V. Stiviano.  Wasser is a top divorce lawyer, so it seems divorce is imminent.

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The Woman Who Dare Wake Up Next To Donald Trump

This is Melana Trump, the woman that wakes up and goes to bed with Donald Trump – every single damn night of her life – or at least I think that’s the way their marriage works, you never know these days they may have separate bedrooms, hey my parents do!
MELANIA TRUMP -01-560x781

Now that I think about it, they would probably have separate houses…

MELANIA TRUMP -04-560x770

You got admit at least Donald knows well enough not to put that self tanner right around his eyeballs!

MELANIA TRUMP -02-560x771