Breaking: Photos- David Arquette Totals Car- Laying in Street

David Arquette was driving in West Hollywood just a few minutes ago… when his silver Cadillac veered into oncoming traffic. Arquette is lying on the ground right now, bleeding, waiting for an ambulance! He’ll be lucky if they show up- sometimes they don’t in L.A.!

A witness said, “David was behind a car that stopped suddenly. David then swerved to the left to avoid hitting the car and went into oncoming traffic. David slammed into a car going in the opposite direction.”


Lisa Mason Lee on True Blood

So I worked on the show True Blood last week. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I was not a vampire for that episode but next time I hope to be! Somebody please turn me to the other side!

This episode has a 1920’s flashback scene where my ‘friends’ decide to hang out with the wrong crowd later on at the party. All I can say is ‘not good.’

As most of you know, I am ‘Miss Throwback’ of many eras. It was only perfect that I got to be apart of a 1920’s scene in True Blood. Here I am after hours of wardrobe, hair and makeup! They were such an amazing crew…