Daniel Tosh Gets Sexed Up To Recreate Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” (VIDEO)

Comedian Daniel Tosh showed off his feminine and sultry side in a funny new music video, recreating the Selena Gomez music video, “Good For You”.

Most of us know the funnyman from his hilariously offensive Comedy Central show Tosh.0, his stand-up comedy, and for voicing the adult cartoon “Brickleberry”.

Tosh.0's Daniel Tosh gets prettied up for Good For You video parody

The 40-year-old comedian pulled out all the stops and recreated the video frame-by-frame, but also added a special guest.

Daniel wore the same outfits as Selena, which included a colorful robe and a wet t-shirt.

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Dude Turns Down $25K, Vacation, Rolex, For Twitter Name @Rob

The dude who owns Twitter handle “@rob” may only have about 1,400 Twitter followers but that’s enough for him to have said pasadena to selling the moniker for $25,000, a vacation and a Rolex — to MTV personality, Rob Dyrdek.

Dyrdek wants so badly to acquire the Twitter name @rob (his current name is a stinker @robdyrdek) that he desperately tweeted the guy who currently owns it, offering up some sweet incentives to sell —

“@rob Do you have any interest in selling your twitter name?”

Then added,

“You need a vacation? Maybe a nice watch?”

But the dude must be living large And living in his own world (while enjoying a little bit of sudden attention) because he just batted back a counter-offer — in the SIX FIGURES, stating:

“It wouldn’t be worth my time to rebuild all of my profiles that are linked to my twitter handle.”

So is this @Rob dude “legendary” or “lame-ndary” for not selling his Twitter name to the other Rob?