Who is Sarah Snyder? And Is THIS Photo PROOF She Cheated On Jaden Smith?

Sarah Snyder, aka, Jaden Smith’s “girlfriend,” is knee-deep in a cheating scandal that is suddenly blowing up on social media.

The pair of anointed ones have been spotted together for over a year, but now it appears that they’re now headed for a breakup. That is if they were really ever dating in the first place..

Sarah Snyder jaden smith cheat

Shortly after the couple was seen showing some PDA at a New York movie premiere, a photo emerged online showing Sarah in bed with another man, a photographer named Gunner. Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Dieter?

applegate Lindsay Lohan Dieter?

The buzz has been circulating current onliners who’ve gotten a glimpse of this startling photo of cancer SURVIVOR, Christina Applegate, doing none other than smoking what most like to call, a cancer stick.

Applegate underwent a double mastectomy last year after doctors found an early form of breast cancer. I guess since she wasn’t diagnosed with lung cancer she assumes it’s still okay to smoke. Or, she wants to drop a few lbs for summer so she’s trying the Lindsay Lohan diet: Coffee (or Red Bull) and a cigg.