OUCH! 50 Cent Ordered To Pay Rick Ross Baby Mama Additional $2 MILLION

A New York City jury has ordered 50 Cent to pay Rick Ross‘ baby mama, Lavonia Leviston, an additional $2 million in punitive damages.

50 was previously ordered to pay Levinton $5 million, which resulted in the rapper filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Connecticut.

50 cent bankrupt

The payout goes this way, $2.5 million for using Levinton’s image without her permission, another $2.5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress and now $2 million in punitive damages… Continue reading

Websites Ordered: REMOVE Pippi Longstocking From Ads

Still photographs from the 1988 film “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking,” depicting a then 14-year-old Tami Erin are being used to promote her new adult tape.images

Tami Erin, 39, may have only been 14 when she played ‘Pippi’ in the family-friendly movie, but that’s not stopping adult marketeers from pushing the actress’ tape by using her youthful redhead character.
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Courtney Stodden’s Half-Sister? [VIDEO]

Courtney Stodden has a half-sister named “Courtland“. Courtland talks mad crap about her sister, Courtney. Uh-oh! She makes it known and apparent that they are half sisters.

Courtland goes as far as calling Courtney a “slut”, and also says, “at least I have half of my dignity left.”courtney stodden courtland youtube pcn 1 Courtney Stoddens Half Sister? [VIDEO]

Oh no she didn’t! Courtland says she’s not judging but she wouldn’t, “move to Hollywood just to marry some old washed up D-list saggy bald actor. I’m not a f**king fame whore!” Continue reading

BARFBAG ALERT: New Courtney Stodden Music Video

Courtney Stodden has made a new music video called, Reality. The teen brides only claim to lame for marrying 52-year-old Doug Hutchison. Luckily, she’s 18 now and fully legal. So now it’s really okay for them to be together, legally, under the law.

Yea? So now we shouldn’t be grossed out by this couple. We should all accept them since they’re law-abiding citizens. So now the novelty of a 16-year-old girl marrying a 51-year-old man is wearing off, Courtney is entering her adulthood by debuting a music video. I guess she’s trying to be a singer?

This is what Courtney looked like the last time she made up her mind to make a music video…

Justin Bieber: ‘I Don’t Care If People Poke Fun At Me Over Weed’

Justin Bieber has given the proverbial green light to Saturday Night Live writers, telling them that it’s totally cool if they goof on him over marijuana allegations.

 Justin Bieber: I Dont Care If People Poke Fun At Me Over Weed

Sometimes primadonna types can forbid show writers from tackling certain topics, however it seems Ball-Z Bieber has put nothing off-limits.

TMZ is saying it may be a smart move:

It worked for Paris Hilton, who appeared on SNL right after her sex tape was released.  Alec Baldwin also scored right after the whole Words with Friends thing.

By the way, if you’re wondering who the musical act is on the night of Bieber’s appearance, you guessed it, it’s him.

TURKEY: Courtney Stodden Hires Herself For Thanksgiving

I love this! No one will hire Courtney Stodden – so she hires herself! A few websites are running these pictures of the famous-for-nothing celeb, while mentioning they were taken for PETA, problem is, PETA has nothing to do with these pics or Stodden in general. It seems she has again taken the liberty of infusing herself into, not only Thanksgiving, but also PETA and their worthy causes – just so she can be naked and wear those ridiculous Lucite hooker heels.