Farrah Abraham, the poor soul enlisted to make all of these old guys even richer, took her first stab at throwing her name around… and let’s just say that didn’t go so great.



Abramham was traveling via LAX today when she tried to fast talk an airport employee into letting her get on the plane with an oversized bag. When the employee refused, The famous for all of the wrong reasons, b**k d**r teen mom said, “Do you know how I am?” And I think you can guess what the airline employee’s response was.. It started with, “I don’t give a flying..”

TMZ, who seems to have a stake in this girl’s dirty filthy and sad ascension to fame, capped the story this way..,

The “Teen Mom” tells TMZ … she showed up to LAX hours ago with an extra large carry-on bag — but was informed by American Airlines personnel she couldn’t go through security until she checked the bag. Farrah says she agreed, but says the woman was rude to her regardless, and the two began arguing. That’s when Farrah says she told the lady she was acting like “trash” and asked to speak to her supervisor … but claims the lady called airport police instead. Farrah says she explained the situation to cops, but they weren’t having it and told her to be more respectful. Cooler heads eventually prevailed and Farrah proceeded to make her flight. The newly-minted star tweeted angrily afterwards, “I thought American Airlines was good apparently they need better customer service, never flying with them again:) #CallThePolice.” For what it’s worth …TSA had no record of the incident. We also called American Airlines, but so far no word back.

I’m serious when I say that for me Harvey Levin and this is a pervert at Vivid are in bed together and turning out young Hollywood girls right off of the Greyhound bus.. . I am pretty sure I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.