Sally Kellerman Husband & John Travolta Producer Jonathan D. Krane DIES Suddenly

Jonathan D. Krane, famed producer and husband of M*A*S*H* actress and Academy Award nominee, Sally Kellerman, has died. Kellerman said on Facebook that he “died suddenly” Monday in their home in the Hollywood Hills. He was 65.

Krane produced more than a dozen films that starred John Travolta, including the Look Who’s Talking series of films that also starred, Kirstie Alley.

Jonathan D. Krane Sally Kellerman family

Krane produced the action-packed Face/Off (1997), directed by John Woo, and Mike Nichols’ election campaign movie Primary Colors (1998), still two more films that top lined Travolta, whom Krane once managed. Continue reading

Rumer Willis Out Partying Post Demi Overdose

Last night, Rumer Willis went on with business as usual, since her Mom Demi Moore was taken to the hospital after overdosing on drugs last week.

Rumer Willis Rumer Willis Out Partying Post Demi Overdose

Willis hit some SAG after parties, and was seen having cocktails and smoking cigarettes.

Willis went to People Magazine’s after party and hung with some Glee cast members, then she went to Harvey Weinstein’s Chateau Marmont after party.

Is Letterman the New King of Late Night?



David Letterman has beaten Conan O’Brien in the ratings again.  Last week,The Late Show with David Letterman beat The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien by more than 800,000 viewers.  This is Letterman’s best run since 2000 when he recovered from heart surgery.  He’s had a great guest list, including Sacha Baron Cohen and, most recently, Paul McCartney.  Also, his publicized feud with Gov. Sarah Palin boosted his ratings even more.  Things have really been going well for Mr. Letterman.

Not that Conan’s doing poorly.  He is well-received by the critics and seems to be keeping his fanbase intact.  Indeed, Conan is cleaning up when it comes to the coveted 18-49 age demographic.  That means that while my dad watches Letterman, I’m watching Conan.  As we all know, advertisers are constantly aiming to attract young viewers so NBC is quite happy with Conan’s ratings.  Of course, I’m sure they’d like to be number one.

A little late night competition never hurt anybody.  For viewers, it’s a win-win either way.  David Letterman is hilarious and an obvious influence on Conan O’Brien, who delivers great comedy night after night.  As a late night viewer, I’m happy with both shows.  We can all exist in harmony!  Still, it’s fascinating to watch this little back and forth ratings battle.

Bruce Willis and his wife make the cover of W magazine

Okay. So Bruce Willis and his new wife Emma are on the cover of the July issue of W magazine.

A) Bruce Willis looks hot. Probably the tattoos. Must check to see if they’re real. Seriously doubt it.

B) Totally forgot he was even married. Seems that he’s good at keeping a low profile and unlike his ex spouse and her hubby doesn’t take to his Twitter page 452 times a day to let the world know his feelings.

I salute you Bruce and Emma Willis.  Stay classy.