Kelly Rowland: Beyonce’s MOM Made Me WAIT To Get Plastic Surgery

Destiny’s Child‘s, Kelly Rowland, dramatically upgraded, while revealing, her plastic surgery has been on her list of “things to do,” since the tender age of 18. The wait is over.

Rowland, 32, told Shape magazine, Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, (as well as her own mother,) demanded she wait a decade before going under the elective knife. 

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Beyonce Spotted With MYSTERY BANDAGE

We don’t need another celebrity health scare on our hands but looks like we might have one brewing as Beyonce was snapped with a circular patch, resembling a bandage, over her right side.

Our eagle eyed friends at MTO noticed the object which appears to be stuck to the singer’s upper-chest.


Yesterday while filming her video, a keen MTO staffer noticed that Bey had what appeared to be a bandage on her [Bey’s] right breast. Continue reading

CLUCKED UP: Woman Finds FOOT In Package Of Safeway Chicken Breasts

Yuck! It’s a foot! But not just any foot, a tasty chicken foot! And not just any tasty chicken foot, a FREE tasty chicken foot! But the Arizona woman who was the benefactor of the delicacy was so disturbed after finding it in a package of Safeway chicken breasts – she tweeted a photo and alerted the media!k-bigpic (8) What’s the big deal? The market down the street from me sells these chicken feet, 12 to a package! And they don’t come cheap, cheap! Continue reading

Kim Kardashian ”EWW Breast Feeding” Tweet Back To HAUNT

It seems like only yesterday reality star Kim Kardashian was putting down a mother on Twitter for breastfeeding her child in public.. Who can forget Kim’s then insensitive tweet..

“EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby w no coverup then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper”

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Ice T CoCo LEAKED Marriage Prenup ‘If Divorced She MUST RETURN Plastic Surgery!’

This is totally insane! When, I mean IF Ice T and Coco should get divorced, Coco must return her plastic surgery! WHAT? That’s right! And that includes not only her implants, but also other implants and god only knows what other implants! What again? You didn’t think any of that was real… DID YOU?


This is no joke! The man revealing all this shocking information is none other than the very man who married Ice and Coco! That’s right! Hip Hop personality Pastor Bishop Don “Magic” Juan!

lil john

Juan shared his thoughts on Coco’s alleged cheating scandal with AP.9, calling the photos they took together disrespectful. Bishop also explains his relationship with both Ice-T and Coco, revealing that Coco will will be obligated to have her implants surgically removed if a divorce should go down!

TURKEY: Courtney Stodden Hires Herself For Thanksgiving

I love this! No one will hire Courtney Stodden – so she hires herself! A few websites are running these pictures of the famous-for-nothing celeb, while mentioning they were taken for PETA, problem is, PETA has nothing to do with these pics or Stodden in general. It seems she has again taken the liberty of infusing herself into, not only Thanksgiving, but also PETA and their worthy causes – just so she can be naked and wear those ridiculous Lucite hooker heels.